What size rear end is in a Grand National?

What size rear end is in a Grand National?

It’s just a 10 bolt rear end with a 8.5 inch ring gear and the “bigger” pinion shaft.

How do I know what size my rear end is?

The size of a rear differential, or rear end, is determined by the diameter of the ring gear inside the differential housing.

What is a Ford 9 inch floater rear end?

One of those items is a floater rear end housing. Your standard GM housing or Ford 8.8 housing the axles are held in the center using C-clips. In a standard flanged Ford 9 inch housing, the axles are held in at the end using a bearing retainer. When hard cornering, the axles will deflect.

Where was the Buick Grand National built?

Second generation (1978)

Second generation
1987 Buick Grand National
Model years 1978–1987
Assembly United States: Flint, Michigan Lakewood Heights, Georgia Arlington, Texas Framingham, Massachusetts Fremont, California Pontiac, Michigan Kansas City, Missouri (Leeds)

What was the results of the virtual Grand National?

With the real-world race cancelled completely, The Virtual Grand National became the real deal. The 2020 race was won by Potters Corner with Walk In The Mill second, Any Second Now third and superstar double-winner Tiger Roll coming in fourth.

Are all Ford 8.8 rear ends the same?

First appearing in 1977, the 8.8 is found in almost all Ford V8 cars from ’86 on, and in V6 Rangers and Explorers. There are 24 different Fords that offered the 8.8 rear axle. The 31-spline axles (1.29 inches in diameter) are more desirable but far less common.

Will VIN number tell me gear ratio?

While it may be possible to derive information about an auto’s gearbox ratio from its VIN, that depends largely on the information the manufacturer includes in the vehicle descriptor section (VDS) of the VIN.

How wide is a 70 Nova rear end?

Products specifications

Vehicle Fitment 62-72 GM X-body vehicles (Nova, Chevy II, Super Sport, Apollo, Omega, Ventura) with single or multi-leaf rear springs
Brake Space 2.5 inch axle standoff
Width 62-67 = 57.875 inches / 68-72 = 60.250 inches (between wheel mounting surfaces)

How wide is a 1966 Nova rear end?


Year Classic Vehicles Width Rear
65-67 Nova
68-72 Nova 60″
78 & up Monte Carlo, Regal, etc. with 10 bolt axle 58″
68-72 Chevelle with 10 bolt axle

What is a floating rearend?

In a full-floating rearend, the axles are splined on both ends instead of splined on one end with a wheel flange on the other. Because of this, the axle has nothing to do with the wheel, so if there’s an axle failure, the wheel stays put.

What is the difference between semi floating and full-floating rear ends?

The main difference between the full- and semi-floating axle setups is the number of bearings. The semi-floating axle features only one bearing, while the full-floating assembly has bearings in both the inside and outside of the wheel hub. The other difference is about the axle removal.

How tall is a 1987 Buick Regal Grand National?

1987 Buick Regal Grand National data Français Deutsch Nederlands Italiano Esp Track/tread (rear) 1468 mm 57.8 inches Length 5095 mm 200.6 inches Width 1819 mm 71.6 inches Height 1384 mm 54.5 inches

How big are the rearends on a G-body car?

Crate Axles- Fully assembled, vehicle specific, bolt-in 9-inch rearends configured with the most popular gear ratios, differential types, brake packages and finishes to make ordering a breeze while keeping lead-times to a minimum

What kind of engine does a Buick Grand National have?

Buick Regal Grand National is a car that has a 2 door coupé body style with a front mounted engine delivering power to the rear wheels. The 6 cylinder, overhead valve turbocharged powerplant has 2 valves per cylinder and a displacement of 3.8 litres.

What kind of rear end does an 82 GN have?

82 GN should have a 7.5. Gear ratio is dependent on whether it has the turbocharged engine. gee you guys are still debating it.. 87 regal t’s with the v8 had 7.5 rears.

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