When did the US Mint start making silver proof sets?

When did the US Mint start making silver proof sets?

The Silver Proof set became a standard product of the United States Mint in 1992, containing a dime, quarter, and half dollar composed of 90% silver. The compositions for the penny, nickel, and dollar (introduced to the set in 2000) remained the same as in the standard proof sets.

How much is a 2009 US Mint Silver Proof Set worth?

WASHINGTON — The 2009 United States Mint Silver Proof Set will be available at noon Eastern Time (ET) on July 17, 2009. Pricing for this annual set is $52.95 per unit.

Are US Mint silver proof sets a good investment?

If you’re buying US Mint bullion, that means there is little competing with premium over or under spot as a metric for investment satisfaction. If you are investing in precious metals, these US Mint coins are not likely a good investment.

What is a 2008 United States Mint Silver Proof Set worth?

2008 US Mint Proof Set Value

2008 Proof Set Value
Values Updated 2021
2008-s 14-Coin Set $33.00
2008-s 5-Coin Quarter Set $20.00
2008-s Silver 14-Coin Set $46.25

Are mint proof sets worth anything?

Proof sets issued from 1961 through 1964 are the most common of the pre-1965 proof sets and often trade for minimal premiums over silver spot value. Deep cameo proofs from this period are also prized, often fetching prices many times those of standard proof coins.

Are mint coin sets worth anything?

A glance at the pricing data reveals all mint sets made from 1947 through 1953 still in their original government packaging are worth $1,000 or more. Mint sets made from 1954 through 1958, which are more common, are also valuable, selling for about $450 and up.

What is a 1999 silver proof set worth?

1999 US Mint Proof Set Value

1999 Proof Set Value
Values Updated 2021
1999-S 9-Coin Set $8.93
1999-S 5-Coin Quarter Set $4.99
1999-S Silver 9-Coin Set $90.60

Why is U.S. Mint silver more expensive?

This high premium is due to the additional cost required to make proof coins, including being struck multiple times and using special dies. Unlike uncirculated silver coins, the U.S. Mint does actually sell proof coins directly to the public in addition to dealers and wholesalers.

What is the value of silver proof sets?

Silver Proof Set and Mint Set Melt Values (Live Prices)

Description Silver Oz Total Value
1950-1964 Proof Set 0.61487 $13.85
1956-1964 Mint Set 1.22974 $27.70
1965-1967 Special Mint Set 0.14790 $3.73
1968-1970 Proof Set 0.14790 $3.73

How much is a 1975 proof set worth?

1975 US Mint Proof Set The 1975 Proof Set additionally included the Roosevelt Dime, Jefferson Nickel, and Lincoln Cent, which bore the 1975 date. These six coins had a face value of $1.91, and the sets were offered at $7.00.

What is a 1964 proof set worth?

The 1964 proof set in its original government packaging is worth around $22.

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