When was the latest change to the DPSA?

When was the latest change to the DPSA?

For purposes of the calculation and application of remunerative allowances and benefits contained in public service co-ordinating bargaining council resolutions 3 of 1999, 7 of 2000, 9 and 10 of 2001 and 6 of 2002. Approved date of latest adjustments, 13 August 2002

When is the closing date for DPSA vacancies?

CLOSING DATE : 19 July 2021 Check out the latest DPSA Vacancies: Justice and Constitutional Development Circular 24 Of 2021: How to apply this job? The GTAC is an equal opportunity employer and encourages applications from women and people with disabilities in particular. Our buildings are accessible for people with disabilities.

What are the remuneration documents for DPSA members?

Remuneration policy documents Policy 15 July 2019 Cost of living adjustment for members of 26 September 2016 Status of DPSA letter E1/6/4/1 dated 21 19 May 2014 Awarding of personal salary notches on t 19 June 2009 Improvement of conditions of service: 20

What is the purpose of the DPSA guide and toolkit?

The dpsa developed the ‘Guide and Toolkit on Organisational Design’ as one element of its programme of support and capacity building for departments. The purposes of the Guide are to: Serve as a practical tool to support practitioners and managers in designing, implementing and maintaining organisational structures in the public sector.

Who is not eligible for the DPSA cash bonus?

Improved qualifications completed and attained before 1 January 2013 shall not be eligible for the payment of the cash bonus. An employee who attains more than one improved qualification will not qualify for more than one cash bonus.

What is Annexure H of the DPSA declaration?

Annexure H: Declaration in respect of personnel, who are currently on personal salary/fixed personal salary notches on the salary key scale which applied on 30 June 1996 or who were awarded a (personal) salary scale or notch since 1 July 1996 that is not reflected on the salary grading system key scale, for translation to the salary grading system

Who are the parties to the DPSA Council?

SCOPE This agreement binds — the employer; the employees of the employer who are members of the trade union parties to this agreement; and the employees of the employer who are not members of any trade union parties to this agreement but who fall within the registered scope of Council.


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