Where are Zupan accordions made?

Where are Zupan accordions made?

Currently produced accordions Beltuna (Italy), Fismen (Italy), Rutar (Slovenia – but have recently moved to Austria), Zupan, Munda (Slovenia), Alpengold (Austria), and so on.

Do piano accordions require tuning?

How often do I need to tune my accordion? Unlike pianos and other string instruments which need to be tuned frequently, accordions will stay in tune for many years if they are maintained properly and not exposed to extreme temperature, humidity, moisture or other adverse conditions.

What should you not do with an accordion?

Don’t leave the instrument near a ventilator, heater, or near a sunny window, and especially don’t leave it in the trunk of a car, because the temperature is uncontrollable and unstable. Also, the accordion may suffer from jolts while in the trunk, especially if not stored the correct way up.

Where can I get an Excelsior accordion repaired?

Excelsior for Repair – You can see the valves curling away from the reed plates. There is always something wrong with an accordion! After doing my own accordion repairs for years I have started to do repairs for The Accordion Shop who have branches in Sunningdale and Rochdale as well as for private customers.

Who is the owner of accordions folk and MIDI?

Accordions Folk and MIDI is a music shop in Repton, NSW, (half-way between Sydney and Brisbane), owned by Christiaan Dolislager. Trade, tuning and repairs, and accordion lessons in their music studo.

Where can I buy a Hohner piano accordion?

Musikhaus Hammerschmidt from Wattens (with branches in Innsbruck and Imst, and an online shop) was founded in 1873. They sell Zupan and Hohner piano accordions and Steyrische accordions by Beltuna, Kärtnerland, Müller, Strasser and Zupan. City Music Tony Schwanzer ( ) from Vienna sells amongst others Hohner, and Lanziger accordions.

Where can I buy a Roland accordion in Ontario?

Anderson’s Accordion Service , located in South Western Ontario sells and repairs accordions. They are an authorized Roland dealer. buyaccordions.net from Toronto sells accordions and concertinas worldwide.

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