Which name is best for Muslim boy?

Which name is best for Muslim boy?


  • ADEEL. MEANING: virtuous, one who acts with justice and fairness. ORIGIN: Arabic.
  • AFREEN. MEANING: beautiful. ORIGIN: Persian.
  • ALI. MEANING: lofty, sublime. ORIGIN: Arabic.
  • AQIB. MEANING: successor.
  • ARSALAN. MEANING: lion, fearless.
  • ASAD. MEANING: lion.
  • ASIM. MEANING: guardian, protector.
  • What is a popular Muslim name?

    For baby boys, the name Mohammed (under all its different spellings) is by far the most popular amongst Muslim parents around the world. Whether it is in Malaysia, India or the Arab countries, baby boys are often named after the Prophet himself perhaps to inspire young boys to follow in his path.

    What are classy boy names?

    To help you make a choice, we’ve gathered together some of the most classic and regal boys’ names.

    • 1 / 30. Alistair. If you want a noble name for your little boy, Alistair could be the perfect choice.
    • 2 / 30. Barnaby.
    • 3 / 30. Benjamin.
    • 4 / 30. Charles.
    • 5 / 30. Dominic.
    • 6 / 30. Dylan.
    • 7 / 30. Edward.
    • 8 / 30. Francis.

    What are some Muslim boy names?

    Muslim Baby Names: Muslim Boy Names and Muslim Girl Names, Popular Muslim Names and Top Muslim Names. The top five most popular Muslim boy names are Mohamed, Adam, Rayan, Ahmad and Danish. Rayan is Arabic for “gates of Heaven”, Ahmad originates from the Arabic hamida meaning “commendable” and in the Arabic context,…

    What are the names of Muslims?

    The following list consists of the most common and agreed-upon names of Allah, which were explicitly stated in the Quran or hadith: Allah – The single, proper name for God in Islam . Ar-Rahman – The Compassionate, The Beneficent. Ar-Raheem – The Merciful. Al-Malik – The King, The Sovereign Lord.

    What are all the boys names?

    Check out the modern, upcoming and unique all-American baby boy names. Saint Bowie Kylo Bode Creed Benicio Adonis Fox Kye Hakeem Shepherd Wilder Zayn Mikael Eason Karim Franco Apollo Zyaire Kingsley Bridger Grey Alistair

    Are Daniel and Tobias Muslim names?

    Daniel and Tobias are Biblical (Jewish and Christian) names, not Muslim names. Daniel is recognized by Muslim scholars as a true prophet from Allah sent to the Jewish people. Tobias is the name of several Jewish individuals mentioned in Biblical sources.

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