Which party is RSP in Kerala?

Which party is RSP in Kerala?

Revolutionary Socialist Party of Kerala (Bolshevik) is formed as a splinter group from RSP in Kerala in 2001….

Revolutionary Socialist Party of Kerala (Bolshevik)
Leader A. V. Thamarakshan
Founder Baby John
Founded 2001
Split from Revolutionary Socialist Party

Which party is RSP?

Revolutionary Socialist Party (RSP) is a regional communist party in India….Revolutionary Socialist Party (India)

Revolutionary Socialist Party
Founder Tridib Chaudhuri
Founded 19 March 1940
Headquarters 17, Firoz Shah Road, New Delhi – 110001 28°37′20.5″N 77°13′27.9″E
Student wing All India Progressive Students’ Union

Which political party is strong in Kerala?

Kerala’s major political parties are aligned under two coalitions, namely the Left Democratic Front (LDF) and the United Democratic Front (UDF) since the late 1970’s. Kerala was the first Indian state to have coalition government as early as 1960.

What is the Colour of RSP?

Revolutionary Socialist Party (Leninist)
Split from Revolutionary Socialist Party
Ideology Communism Marxism–Leninism Revolutionary socialism
Political position Far-left
Colours Red

What is RSP full form?

The full form of RSP means Retail Sale Price.

When was RSP formed?

March 19, 1940
Revolutionary Socialist Party/Founded

What is the motto of RSP?

The RSP has a commitment to the Society, as the motto of RSP is “WE LIVE TO SERVE”. The ROAD SAFETY PATROL is a service to mankind that ensures an accident-free life.

What is RSP range?

RSP = Retail Selling Price or Recommended Selling Price. RRP = Recommended Retail Price. MRRP = Manufacturer’s Recommended Retail Price. SRRP = Supplier’s Recommended Retail Price. They All Mean the Same.

Is there a major political upheaval in Kerala?

Though there is no one answer to where the major developments in Kerala politics are headed, the present mess seems to be a mixture of multiple factors, and here are half a dozen of them. Politics in Kerala is notoriously arcane even on a dry day.

Who are the coalition partners of CPI in Kerala?

CPI (M) was one among the coalition partners of the CPI. The other parties were Revolutionary Socialist Party (RSP), Indian Union Muslim League (IUML), Indian Socialist Party (ISP), Kerala Socialist Party (KSP) and Karshaka Thozhilali Party (KTP). The coalition won 117 (including 4 Independents) out of the 133 seats.

When was coalition of 7 political parties came in Kerala?

In 1967, the Sapthakakshi Munnani consisting of 7 parties including CPI, CPI (M) ruled Kerala. As the Kerala Assembly celebrates its Diamond Jubilee, the state might seem settled in its stable and predictable bipolarity.

Are there any RSP branches in West Bengal?

RSP has always had its stronghold in West Bengal, but has branches in a total of 18 states. In Kerala, it is concentrated to the Kollam area, with support amongst fishing communities. Its Kerala branch originates from a split in the Kerala Socialist Party.

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