Who Covered Strawberry fields forever?

Who Covered Strawberry fields forever?

Artists who have covered the song include Richie Havens, Todd Rundgren, Peter Gabriel, Ben Harper, and Los Fabulosos Cadillacs featuring Debbie Harry. In 1990, a version by the Madchester group Candy Flip became a top-ten hit in the UK and Ireland.

What is said at the end of Strawberry Fields Forever?

John says “I Buried Paul” on Strawberry Fields Forever On the ending of Strawberry Fields on the version on the Anthology 2 album, you can clearly hear John saying “Cranberry Sauce” twice, and then “Calm Down, Ringo” to cause the track to come to a grinding halt.

Who played lead guitar on strawberry fields forever?

With the tape rolling at “53 cycles per second so that it sounded faster on replay” (according to Mark Lewisohn’s book “The Beatles Recording Sessions”), The Beatles recorded their first take of “Strawberry Fields Forever.” The rhythm track consisted of John on rhythm guitar, Paul on Mellotron, George on slide guitar …

Which album is Strawberry Fields Forever on?

Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band
“Strawberry Fields Forever”/Album

Is Strawberry Fields a real place?

Strawberry Field is a Salvation Army property and visitor attraction in the Liverpool suburb of Woolton. It operated as a children’s home between 1936 and 2005. The house and grounds had originally been built as a private residence in the Victorian era, before being acquired by the Salvation Army in the 1930s.

Did strawberry fields reach number 1?

Although heralded upon its release as a major advance for the group – and, indeed, for Western music – the single failed to reach number one in the UK, the first time this had occurred since ‘Love Me Do’ in 1962. Penny Lane/Strawberry Fields Forever entered the charts on 23 February 1967, and climbed to number two.

Can you go in Strawberry Fields?

Liverpool’s world-famous Strawberry Field, a place immortalised in song by The Beatles, is now open to the public for the first time in 70 years, thanks to The Salvation Army.

Where is the real strawberry fields?

Since John Lennon was so fond of leaving intellectual riddles in his lyrics for fans to puzzle out, it is quite unusual that we can be afforded such a straightforward interpretation of “Strawberry Fields Forever.” Yes, Strawberry Field is a real place: it’s an orphanage in Liverpool, England, specifically in the suburb …

Can you go inside Strawberry Fields?

The famous gates marking its entrance were removed and replaced with replicas in May 2011. The Salvation Army opened Strawberry Field to the public for the first time in September 2019, allowing visitors to explore the grounds.

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