Who has been a Tunisian President?

Who has been a Tunisian President?

The 7th and current president is Kais Saied since 23 October 2019….Rank by time in office.

Rank President Time in office
1 Habib Bourguiba 30 years, 105 days
2 Zine El Abidine Ben Ali 23 years, 68 days
3 Fouad Mebazaa (Acting President) 332 days
4 Moncef Marzouki 3 years, 18 days

Who is the ruler of Tunisia?

President of Tunisia

President of the Republic of Tunisia رئيس الجمهورية التونسية
Incumbent Kais Saied since 23 October 2019
Style His Excellency (Son Excellence)
Residence Palace of the Republic, Carthage
Term length Five years, renewable once

Who was the president of Tunisia in 2010?

Zine El Abidine Ben Ali
President Habib Bourguiba
Preceded by Rachid Sfar
Succeeded by Hédi Baccouche
Personal details

When was Kais Saied elected?

Saied received 620,711 votes in the first round of the 2019 Tunisian presidential election, coming in first place, and moved on to face Karoui in the second round. He was announced on 14 October as the new President of Tunisia, winning the second round, receiving 2,777,931 votes equivalent to 72.71% of the vote.

Why is Jasmine called revolution?

In the Western media, these events have been dubbed the Jasmine Revolution or Jasmine Spring, after Tunisia’s national flower and in keeping with the geopolitical nomenclature of “color revolutions”. Within Tunisia, Ben Ali’s rise to power in 1987 was also known as the Jasmine Revolution.

What is the most popular sport in Tunisia?

Football is the most popular sport in Tunisia. The most watched sports in Tunisia are football, handball, basketball, volleyball, tennis, and rugby union. Sport is encouraged in school, and local sports clubs receive financial support from the local governments. The national stadium is the Stade Olympique de Radès.

Who is the current President of the Republic of Tunisia?

Mohamed Ennaceur, as Speaker of the Assembly of the Representatives of the People, became Interim president of the Republic following the death of President Beji Caid Essebsi on 25 July 2019. He is due to serve until an early election takes place and is to remain in office until 23 October 2019 at the latest.

When did Fouad Mebazaa become president of Tunisia?

Fouad Mebazaa was appointed the 3rd President of Tunisia in an interim capacity on 15 January 2011. Under Article 57 of the Constitution, an election should have taken place between 45 and 60 days following Mebazaa’s appointment. But on 3 March 2011, he announced the repeal of the 1959 Constitution and the election…

How long did Bourguiba serve as president of Tunisia?

Indeed, within the context of the system, he was a virtual dictator. He was elected for a term of five years, with no term limits. In 1975, five months after winning his third full term, Bourguiba was named president for life.

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