Who has made the most century breaks in snooker?

Who has made the most century breaks in snooker?

Ronnie O’Sullivan
Ronnie O’Sullivan has scored the most century breaks in professional snooker tournaments.

Who has scored a 147 against Ronnie O Sullivan?

To date, there have been 156 competitive 147 breaks made in professional snooker, dating back to Steve Davies’ maximum against John Spencer in 1982….A historical list of official 147 breaks in snooker.

DATE 22/04/2003
PLAYER Ronnie O’Sullivan (6)
AGE 27 years, 138 days
TOURNAMENT World Championship

How much does a snooker referee get paid?

Snooker Referees Salary: If you qualify as a World Snooker professional referee, you will earn a base salary of $25,000 per season. This figure is the same for every male professional referee. According to Sportingfree.com, the base salary for female snooker referees is slightly lower at $20,000 per season.

Can you score more than 147 in snooker?

But some snooker fans may be surprised to learn that this is not technically perfection, and a break greater than 147 is perfectly possible. After a foul, if the cue-ball is snookered, the referee shall state a free ball. The player may then treat a coloured ball as if it were a red.

Where can I find list of century breaks in snooker?

You can view his website at snookerinfo.webs.com/ You can also find odds from bookmakers on century breaks online. Players with 100+ Centuries, last updated 13/06/2021:. . The following is a list of players who have made 80-99 century breaks.

What happens if you are tied in centuries in snooker?

If they remain tied, by the most centuries during previous seasons until a winner is found. For consistency, century breaks from the Q School and previously PIOS events are included, as these replaced the Challenge Tour which was a professional event.

What’s the most centuries in a single season?

CueTracker – Most Centuries In A Single Season – Professional – Snooker Results & Statistics Players Head-to-Head Tournaments Seasons Predictions Rankings Statistics Matches & FramesCenturiesPoints & BreaksPrize MoneyTournamentsOtherFrame AnalysisCrucible Most Centuries In A Single Season – Professional Filtering

What’s the most centuries a player has made?

Most centuries made by one player in a single season. Status ProfessionalNon-professional Categories RankingMinor RankingNon-RankingLeagueInvitationalTour Qualifier6-RedsNational ChampionshipNational RankingContinental EventWorld EventEvent

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