Who has the highest gaming score?

Who has the highest gaming score?

Ray Cox IV
Ray Cox IV, known online as Stallion83, is a video game player known for his high Xbox Gamerscore, points for completing in-game challenges known as achievements. He was the first player to reach 1,000,000 points in early 2014….Ray Cox (gamer)

Ray Cox
Known for Xbox Gamerscore

What is the average gamer score?

Microsoft has revealed that the average Xbox LIVE user has a gamerscore of 11,286. Interesting, but the highest gamerscore stands at over 540k!

What games give you the most Gamerscore?

At the time of writing, smrnov is number 1 in the world for Gamerscore, with a whopping tally of over 2,500,000. For reference, most games ship with 1000 Gamerscore. If you’re just starting out, it might be a fair while before you catch smrnov. Let’s start a little smaller, and get you ahead of your friends.

Who has the most gold on Xbox?

Who has the most Xbox Gamerscore?

Pos Gamer Gamerscore
1 smrnov 2,960,155
2 RedmptionDenieds=19 2,804,025
3 Pigimus Prime 2,605,636
4 Casino83 2,569,405

Which Xbox game has the most Gamerscore?

Here’s a breakdown of the top 10 games that Jiexe played in terms of Gamerscore rewarded.

  • Minecraft (iOS) – 7,831.
  • Minecraft (Nintendo Switch) – 7,584.
  • Minecraft (Windows 10) – 6,314.
  • Minecraft – 5,864.
  • Minecraft (Android) – 5,372.
  • Minecraft (Kindle Fire) – 4,375.
  • Minecraft: Xbox One Edition – 3,847.

What can I do with a 100, 000 Gamerscore?

100,000+ Gamerscore. For gamers with a gamerscore higher than 100,000. Stallion83 All Three Space Jam Exclusive controllers are available on Amazon. Serververse: https://amzn.to/3AK5m9l Tune & Goon Squad: https://amzn.to/2TOWMW6 Five1oh Happy New Year Everyone ! Jeremy Jay One God Dammit Xitilon stop bothering me so much!

Who are the people with the most Xbox Gamerscore?

Who has the most Xbox Gamerscore? Pos Gamer GamerScore 1 smrnov 2,836,654 2 RedmptionDenied https://twitter. 2,586,510 3 Pigimus Prime Hall of Fame 2x winner 2,446,730 4 jimmyhova 2,396,955

Who are the best 5000m runners in the world?

Filter World Rankings Place Competitor DOB Nat Event List 1 Selemon BAREGA 20 JAN 2000 ETH 5000m [3000m ind.] 2 Telahun Haile BEKELE 13 MAY 1999 ETH 5000m 3 Joshua CHEPTEGEI 12 SEP 1996 UGA 5000m [2 Miles] 4 Nicholas Kipkorir KIMELI 29 SEP 1998 KEN 5000m

Which is the worst game I’ve ever played?

TricKyRicKy xD Bleeding edge is probably the worst game I’ve ever played. To top it all off, a glitched achievement. Av3ng3d7X x360a Just hit 1,000,000GS, Took 13 hard years of gaming and dedication! Thanks to my friends for hanging in there for me and helping me achieve my goal.

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