Who is the lead singer of Acoustic Alchemy?

Who is the lead singer of Acoustic Alchemy?

Acoustic Alchemy is an English contemporary instrumental and smooth jazz band formed in England in the early 1980s (c. 1981), originally fronted by acoustic guitarists Nick Webb and Simon James.

When does Acoustic Alchemy new album Come Out?

OUT NOW! Go to our STORE page for more info! This will be the first year in many, many years that we will not be touring. It feels very strange. Who knows when things will be back to normal for the live music scene, but whenever it is it can’t come too soon for us.

What makes Acoustic Alchemy want to keep making music?

Playing our music live and having that connection with our fans is what motivates us as musicians to keep making music. For us touring isn’t just a financial necessity, it’s part of who we are and what we do.

When did Acoustic Alchemy move to GRP label?

Acoustic Alchemy were soon moved to jazz label GRP as MCA bought GRP in February 1990. Six more albums followed, starting with Reference Point (1990), featuring a cover of “Take Five” by Dave Brubeck and Back on the Case (1991).

Why did Acoustic Alchemy put on a webste?

So despite the virus and the closure of the venues all over the world we wanted to do something special for all those people who would have bought tickets, lined up outside the venue and come in to see the show and shared some good times with us, so we have put together a really special collection of live videos.

Who was Greg Carmichael’s partner in Acoustic Alchemy?

After Webb’s death, Greg Carmichael brought in Miles Gilderdale as his partner, and the band moved label to Higher Octave Music. The debut album on the label, The Beautiful Game, (2000) was more experimental, borrowing from several genres of music.

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