Who plays Mason in revenge?

Who plays Mason in revenge?

Roger Bart
Roger Bart (born September 29, 1962) is an American actor and singer who has received Tony Award, Drama Desk Award, and Screen Actors Guild Awards. Bart portrays Mason Treadwell on the show, Revenge.

Did Declan Porter die?

In the season 2 finale, “Truth, Part 2”, Declan died during surgery after being injured in a bombing at Grayson Global.

How does Declan die revenge?

Declan is the father of Charlotte’s unborn baby and dies at the end of Season 2 when his artery ruptures during surgery to repair the injury he sustained from an explosion.

How did Mason Treadwell get out of jail?

Emily paid him a visit in jail. But she wasn’t there to help him out of his soon-to-be orange jumpsuit – instead, she cut him a deal. Mason would confess to the crime without a trial and stay behind bars until Emily gives her own confession and gets him out.

What happens to Ben in revenge?

White Gold is an assassin that Margaux LeMarchal hired to kill Amanda Clarke. In “Plea”, she kills Ben Hunter by stabbing him in the neck.

Is Charlotte really pregnant in revenge?

Charlotte and Declan were a couple, before Declan’s death. Next summer they started dating again and Charlotte got pregnant, but Declan died shortly after discovering it and Charlotte lost her baby after finding out that her boyfriend was dead.

What happens to Mason in revenge?

As of the end of the show, Mason’s final fate is unknown, but he is on the run from law enforcement (for aiding and abetting Victoria Harper in faking her death and trying to frame Amanda for murder) as he failed to hurt Amanda again when her name is cleared.

Who is Mason Treadwell in the TV show Revenge?

Mason Treadwell Leo Mason Treadwell is a true crime writer and was one of Emily ‘s targets. Originally an accomplice in the frame-up of David Clarke, he went to prison after a deal with Emily Thorne, wherein he will spend his time in prison writing the true story of the Clarke family.

Who is Declan Porter in the TV show Revenge?

Declan was born on March 23 and is the second son of Carl Porter with his wife and Jack ’s troubled kid brother. A man with good intentions but rough around the edges, he is an outsider among his peers, frustrated with the struggles he’s been dealing with in life.

How did Declan die in the TV show Revenge?

While he’s on the operating table, Declan’s artery ruptures and he dies of blood loss. His death angers Jack and drives him to try to exact revenge on Conrad and Victoria, whom he figures are ultimately responsible. We’ve been through a lot, big brother. I know I wouldn’t have made it this far without you.

What happens to Emily and Mason in revenge?

Emily delivers some of Conrad’s documents to the police that exonerate’s Mason and makes it appear as though Conrad had Gordon Murphy killed. After Emily is arrested for Victoria’s murder, she realizes Mason was working with Victoria to set her up. This article or section is a stub.

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