Who was the winner of the Electoral College in 2016?

Who was the winner of the Electoral College in 2016?

2016 Electoral College Results. President. Donald J. Trump [R] Main Opponent. Hillary Clinton [D] Electoral Vote*. Winner: 304. Main Opponent: 227. Total/Majority: 538/270.

How many electoral votes did Garfield get in 1880?

* Garfield received only 1 of California’s 6 electoral votes in the 1880 election. * Hancock received only 5 of California’s 6 electoral votes in 1880. * Cleveland received only 8 of California’s 9 electoral votes in the 1892 election. † Cleveland received only 5 of Michigan’s 14 electoral votes in the 1892 election.

How many electoral votes did Dukakis get in West Virginia?

* Dukakis received only 5 of West Virginia’s 6 electoral votes in 1988, while 1 faithless elector voted for his running mate Lloyd Bentsen. Due to reapportionment, West Virginia had 5 electoral votes in 1992, of which Clinton won all of them Cartogram of results in 2004, 2008 and the swing between the two.

How are the electoral votes distributed in Maine?

Maine distributes its electoral votes proportionally by Congressional district, with two at-large electors representing the statewide winning presidential and vice presidential candidates and one elector each representing the winners from its two Congressional districts.


Are there any faithless votes in the Electoral College?

For the first time since adopting this system, Maine’s four electoral votes were split between the two major party tickets. There were faithless votes cast for president and vice president in Hawaii, Texas, and Washington.

What was the Electoral College map in 2008?

The Electoral College map looked similar to the 2008 map with two exceptions. Obama won Indiana and North Carolina in 2008 as part of his victory over McCain. Romney won both states in 2012.

Who are the electors for the state of Hawaii?

Due to faithless voting, the electoral votes for Hawaii were: for President, Clinton 3 and Bernie Sanders 1; for Vice President, Kaine 3 and Elizabeth Warren 1. **Maine appoints its electors proportionally.

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