Who won SummerSlam 2021 results?

Who won SummerSlam 2021 results?

WWE SummerSlam 2021 Results: Brock Lesnar takes John Cena to Suplex City, stuns Roman Reigns.

Did Roman Reigns win SummerSlam 2021?

WWE Summerslam 2021 Highlights: Universal Champion Roman Reigns beat John Cena to retain his title. WWE SummerSlam 2021 Highlights: Brock Lesnar made a stunning return to SummerSlam 2021 at the Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas and shock the WWE Universe.

Who will return in SummerSlam 2021?

Brock Lesnar made a shocking return to WWE after Roman Reigns defeated John Cena to retain his Universal title at SummerSlam. Brock Lesnar, the ‘Beast Incarnate’, made a stunning return to WWE at SummerSlam after WWE Universal champion Roman Reigns defeated John Cena in the main event.

Did John Cena beat Roman Reigns at SummerSlam?

In a match that lived up to the hype, Roman Reigns defeated John Cena in the main event of SummerSlam to retain his WWE title. Cena gave Reigns everything, from an Attitude Adjustement through an announce table to a Super AA off the top rope. But in the end, Reigns hit the spear and reigned supreme.

Who won Summerslam 2021 Bobby Lashley?

In a seven-minute dud at WWE Summerslam, Goldberg lost to Bobby Lashley in the WWE Title match. The match came to an end when Goldberg’s leg became an issue following an attack by Lashley’s manager, MVP, as he used his cane to halt his momentum.

Who did Roman Reigns beat for the Universal Championship 2020?

Roman Reigns Beats The Fiend, Strowman; Wins Universal Title at WWE Payback 2020. Photo credit: WWE.com. Roman Reigns beat “The Fiend” Bray Wyatt and Braun Strowman in a Triple Threat match at WWE Payback on Sunday to win the Universal Championship.

Who won between John Cena and Roman Reigns at Summerslam?

Reigns then hit two Superman punches and a spear to score the pinfall. Result: Roman Reigns defeated John Cena via pinfall to retain the title.

Did Brock Lesnar return?

Brock Lesnar is back in the WWE, and he stands tall at the end of SummerSlam 2021 despite not appearing in a match. After Roman Reigns defeated John Cena for the WWE Universal Championship, Lesnar’s music hit and the crowd went wild.

Will Brock Lesnar return?

Brock Lesnar hasn’t returned to WWE yet as the company feels it’s not the right time to bring him back. WWE could be waiting until around next year to include him in the WrestleMania plans.

Who won out of Roman Reigns and John Cena?

Did Bobby Lashley beat Goldberg at Summerslam?

What are the results of SummerSlam for 2020?

2020 WWE SummerSlam results, grades 1 Mandy Rose vs. Sonya Deville (No Disqualification, Loser Leaves WWE): An aggressive Rose went at Deville early, laying a beating on her around ringside before setting up a table. 2 Rose def. Deville via pinfall. 3 Dominik Mysterio vs.

Where did WWE SummerSlam take place in 2020?

That proved true again this year, as 2020 WWE SummerSlam was an outstanding show from the new WWE ThunderDome at the Amway Center in Orlando, Florida. And it was capped by a shocking return from the company’s top star as Roman Reigns closed the show.

Who was in the SummerSlam 2010 elimination match?

They never saw it coming! Roman Reigns reenters Universal Title picture Team WWE vs. The Nexus – 7-on-7 Elimination Match: SummerSlam 2010 (Full Match)

Who is the Raw Women’s champion at SummerSlam?

Raw Women’s Championship — Sasha Banks (c) vs. Asuka: Asuka came to the ring with a limp from the earlier match with Bayley, setting a target for Banks to focus on from the jump. Banks hit Asuka with a huge sunset flip powerbomb from the ring apron to the floor, snapping her head against the concrete in a sick-looking spot.

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