Why is Ashburton called Ashburton?

Why is Ashburton called Ashburton?

Ashburton was named by the surveyor Captain Joseph Thomas of the New Zealand Land Association, after Francis Baring, 3rd Baron Ashburton, who was a member of the Canterbury Association. In 1858 William Turton, ran a ferry across the Ashburton river close to where the Ashburton bridge now lies.

What is Ashburton NZ known for?

Ashburton is a large town that serves the surrounding farming district. It sits between two major rivers, so fly fishing is the local obsession. A major service centre for the local farming district, Ashburton sits between the Rakaia and Rangitata Rivers.

Who was the first person to settle in Ashburton?

page 813 premises, are handsome and imposing, and the wide and well-formed streets, on market day especially, present a very busy aspect. The first settlers of the Ashburton district went there in the early fifties as squatters and flockowners. Mr. Thomas Moorhouse took up a large run near the present town, and Mr.

How old is Ashburton?

Ashburton was constituted a borough in 1878. The adjoining districts of Netherby, Hampstead, and Allenton were amalgamated with the borough in 1917, 1921, and 1939 respectively, and in 1955 the residential portion of Tinwald Town District also was added. Ashburton was named in honour of Lord Ashburton (1774–1848).

What’s it like to live in Ashburton?

Perfect for anyone who needs all perks of living in a town but wants to be able to make a fast getaway. Ashburton is just off the Devon Expressway, with two cities just half an hour away, but with brilliant shops, community and a buzzing community right there. Part of our Top 200 Places to Live series.

What is Masterton in Maori?

Masterton (Māori: Whakaoriori), a large town in the Greater Wellington Region of New Zealand, operates as the seat of the Masterton District (a territorial authority or local-government district). …

What is Timaru known for?

Timaru is an agricultural service town and port for the South Canterbury regional economy. Timaru is one of the major cargo ports of the South Island, with a number of light manufacturing plants associated with the export and import trade. Timaru is the second largest fishing port in New Zealand.

Where is the location of New Zealand?

New Zealand/Continent

When was the Ashburton bridge built?

Rakaia Bridge
Construction start March 1937
Inaugurated 25 March 1939
Wikimedia | © OpenStreetMap

What is it like to live in Torquay?

Indeed, both visitors and homebuyers alike are attracted to Torquay’s sublime beaches like Torre Abbey Sands, Babbacombe, Oddicombe and Antsey Cove. Prospective residents are also drawn to great retail and leisure options, a good range of schools and some competitive property prices.

Is buckfastleigh a nice place to live?

Down the road, Buckfastleigh has a pretty, historic heart of stone and stucco Georgian cottages along narrow lanes over millstreams. It’s extremely attractive, but without the reputation, and house prices, of the South Hams or lower Dart.

What is Invercargill in Māori?

Invercargill (/ˌɪnvərˈkɑːrɡɪl/ IN-vər-KAR-ghil, Māori: Waihōpai) is the southernmost and westernmost city in New Zealand, and one of the southernmost cities in the world. …

Where is the town of Ashburton New Zealand?

Ashburton ( Māori: Hakatere) is a large town in the Canterbury Region, on the east coast of the South Island of New Zealand. The town is the seat of the Ashburton District, a territorial authority encompassing the town and the surrounding rural area, which is also known as Mid Canterbury.

Who was the first mayor of Ashburton County Council?

In 1876 the Ashburton County Council was formed and council offices built, the ‘Ashburton Mail began publication the following year and the Agricultural and Pastoral Association formed with John Grigg as first president. In 1878 Ashburton was constituted a Borough and Thomas Bullock elected first Mayor.

When did the woollen mill in Ashburton open?

Business grew, a woollen mill opened in 1880, a freezing works established at Fairton in 1899 and gas lighting came to Ashburton streets. The town’s high pressure water supply was established in 1911 and a water tower built. The Ashburton Electric Power Board was elected in 1921 and reticulation of the town and country began.

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