Why is Don Martindale called Wink?

Why is Don Martindale called Wink?

Martindale was part of the Ravens’ coaching staff that won Super Bowl XLVII. He is an alumnus of Defiance College, where he played on the football team and first earned the nickname “Wink”, which he received due to sharing a last name with the famous game show host of the era.

Is Don Martindale related to Wink Martindale?

Don Martindale is named “Wink” for a special reason Martindale earned his nickname in reference to Winston “Wink” Martindale, a DJ and game show host who hosted several shows from 1972 through 1998. The veteran coach told The Baltimore Sun in 2018 that he earned his nickname in college.

Are the two Wink Martindale related?

But there’s a second Wink Martindale, and that’s what seems impossible. The latter Wink was born Don Martindale, and in 2012 became the linebackers coach and eventually the defensive coordinator for the professional football team the Baltimore Ravens.

Who is defensive coordinator for Ravens?

Coordinator Don Martindale
Ravens Defensive Coordinator Don Martindale Ranked Among NFL’s Best – Sports Illustrated Baltimore Ravens News, Analysis and More.

What is wink a nickname for?

The Ravens’ Martindale, meanwhile, was first called “Wink” by a college teammate, Donald Brown, when they were linebackers at Defiance College in the early 1980s. Brown, as the story goes, saw Martindale’s last name and immediately thought of the game show host. The nickname stuck.

How old is wink?

87 years (December 4, 1933)
Wink Martindale/Age

What is wink short for?


Acronym Definition
WINK Wired Innovative Naughty Kids
WINK Werkstatt Innovativ Nachhaltiger Konzepte (German: Workshop on Innovative Sustainable Concepts)

How much does Tomlin make a year?

Mike Tomlin net worth and salary: Mike Tomlin is the current head coach of the Pittsburgh Steelers who has a net worth of $16 million and annual salary of $6 million.

Is wink a name?

Wink or Winks is an English surname. Notable people with the surname include: Chris Wink, co-founder of Blue Man Group.

What is Wink Martindale real name?

Winston “Wink” Martindale
That’s how Winston “Wink” Martindale, the 86-year-old former game show host, first became aware of Don “Wink” Martindale, Baltimore’s 56-year-old defensive coordinator. Although one made his living on TV and radio and the other is known for coaching defense, there’s mutual admiration between them.

When did David Martindale get out of jail?

Martindale was imprisoned in November 2006, serving four years (and also having around £100,000-worth of assets seized as proceeds of crime ), then completed his degree following his release. In football, he played for Whitburn in the East Region Juniors then became assistant manager at Broxburn Athletic.

How did David Martindale get released from Rangers?

Born in Glasgow, he grew up in Govan and the Craigshill neighbourhood of Livingston, West Lothian and was a youth player with Rangers and Motherwell but by his own admission did not apply himself to make the most of his talents, and was released from a contract with Rangers after fracturing his leg in an unauthorised local match with friends.

What did David Martindale do for a living?

He played at Junior level for Linlithgow Rose and West Calder United and had business interests in the hospitality sector, but after a pub he owned went on fire without insurance cover he also became heavily involved in organised crime, specifically the large-scale supply of cocaine as well as money laundering.

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