Are Tyt radios any good?

Are Tyt radios any good?

TYT TH-9800 Review Conclusion The power output is great, the power retention even after years of using is impressive, the audio is loud and clear, and there are tons of useful features that make the TH-9800 one of the most functional options in this price range as well.

Where are TYT ham radios made?

TYT Electronics is a professional company located in QuanzhouCity, a place known as the birth place of interphones in China. We mainly rely on the local interphone business chain integrating production, sale and service under one roof, with rich resources and a modern management concept.

Who makes QYT radios?

Quan Yi Electronics Co. Ltd
Quan Yi Electronics Co. Ltd (QYT) was established in 1997. We are one of the earliest professional two-way radio and accessories manufacturers in China, and now one of the top radio batteries providers as well.

Is Tyt a Baofeng?

It’s no wonder the Baofeng UV-5R is one of the most popular two way radios in the world. Called the TYT TH-UV88 Dual Band Analog Two Way Radio, this walkie talkie has similar features and power at about same price point.

How do I unlock my Tyt 9800?

How the unlock the frequency ranges?

  1. Connect your TH-9800 with the programming software and load (”read”) it to the software.
  2. Press ”CtrL+F11” and enter the password ”9800TYT”;
  3. Edit the frequency range: Maximum Frequency Range:
  4. Write to the radio, turn off the radio and then turn it back on.

What happened to alinco?

Like the Alinco above, Yaesu has announced that they are discontinuing production of the popular Yaesu FT-450D general coverage transceiver due to “parts issues.” It’s worth noting the venerable Yaesu FT-DX1200 recently met the same fate. To be clear: parts obsolescence happens in the best of times.

How do you program a Tyt UV88?

How to unlock and activate VFO mode on the TYT TH-UV88

  1. Turn the TH-UV88 radio OFF.
  2. Hold down both the 1 and 7 keys.
  3. While holding down those keys, power the radio ON.
  4. After you hear the voice prompt “seven”, release both keys.
  5. VFO mode is now enabled.

How do I unlock my TYT radio?

Unlocking the TYT MD-2017 On the side of the radio, hold down the top (blue) button and the UP arrow key. Turn the radio ON while holding down these buttons. No notification/confirmation is provided, but the radio is now unlocked.

Can a TYT 9800 be used as a repeater?

On all three TYT 9800 radios that I have had, the radio will eventually lock up while transmitting in cross band repeater mode. The first time this happened, I was using the 9800 between my HT and a friend’s repeater.

Is the TYT th-9800 quad band 50W cross band radio compatible?

(AM mode selectable on VHF receive frequencies for Air Band reception) Remote Mountable Faceplate, Full Direct Entry Keypad mic, 800 channels & More!! Please use the compatible 4 bands antenna with this radio, to make sure the radio could work well. The dual bands antenna is not compatible.

What is the model number of the TYT th-8600?

Make sure this fits by entering your model number. 1.▲▲☞FONGHOO☜▲▲ Official Distributor of TYT. Newest Dual Band TH-8600 Mobile Transceiver, FCC ID: POD25W-WP, Compact & Solid with Large Display (IP67 waterproof Version), Easy & Convenient for operation, User-friendly.

Is there an IP67 ham radio on the market?

This is the only IP67 ham radio on the market right now. So if you need water resistance, there you go. It does what it says on the box. So why 3 stars? Because it’s user interface is very bad. The built in interface feels like a flip-phone from 2001 and the controls aren’t intuitive.

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