Are wildfires a problem in Montana?

Are wildfires a problem in Montana?

More than a third of Montana homes—nearly 120,000 homes—have moderate to high wildfire risk. Wildfire risk spans the state, including the forests of the western region and grasslands and shrublands of the southern and central regions. …

Are there fires in Montana currently?

The largest, and top priority, fire currently burning in Montana is the Woods Creek Fire, at 55,000 acres and 90% containment. Here are the largest fires currently burning in Montana: Richard Spring: 171,130 acres; 100% contained. PF: 66,134 acres; 100% contained.

How many fires are currently burning in Montana?

Currently, there are 25 large fire incidents in Montana. The state remains in Preparedness Level 5, and the Northern Rockies region is the number three priority region in the nation. Since January 1, there have been 2,040 fire starts in Montana, which have collectively burned about 792,000 acres.

Is there fire smoke in Montana?

There are a few active fires in the state (southwest MT), and the fires in the Pacific coast states are still active, so the threat of smoke remains (especially near active fires), and the next 24 hours or so looks like levels will stay GOOD to MODERATE, with hopefully better levels with the northwest wind direction.

Why is it so smoky in Montana?

The decreased air quality is due in part to wildfire smoke blowing into Montana from other western states; there are also numerous fires across Montana contributing to the smoke and haze. As of Monday morning (July 19), areas that are at UNHEALTHY levels include Cut Bank and Great Falls.

Is there smoke in Montana?

Air quality has been GOOD to MODERATE today across the state. Light smoke is visible over the southern half of Montana today, and further south and west, however the west/northwest winds today has helped keep much of the smoke further to the south.

Where is smoke coming from in Montana?

Most of the smoke is coming from out of state but there are local fires still burning and contributing to increased surface smoke. Air quality conditions will likely worsen Sunday through Monday over SW Montana and could become unhealthy at times with prolonged outdoor exposure.

Where is the smoke coming from in Montana?

Is there smoke in Big Sky Montana?

Is there a faint smell of smoke in the air? Every summer, usually in August and September, the delicate environment of the mountain west is at an increased risk of wildfires. Right now, there’s smoke in the air in Big Sky Country. It’s everyone’s responsibility to be aware of the wildfire situation.

Is the smoke bad in Montana?

1. UNDERSTAND THE HEALTH IMPACTS. Wildfire smoke is our most significant source of air pollution in western Montana and it is nasty business. Even if you are not in a high-risk category (children, older adults, people with heart and lung disease, and pregnant people), the smoke is bad for you.

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