Can you get wolf quest for free?

Can you get wolf quest for free?

Lucky winners will receive a free copy of WolfQuest 2.7 (and PC/Mac users will also get WolfQuest: Anniversary Edition Early Access for PC and Mac)! Winners can choose to get any version of the game (Mac/Windows, Android, iOS, Kindle). Note: WolfQuest: Anniversary Edition is not yet available for mobile.

Is Wolf Quest free on PC?

The mobile version will come after the game is completed on PC/Mac platforms. WolfQuest: Anniversary Edition is free update to players who own WolfQuest 2.7.

Is Wolf Quest 2.7 free?

Pricing for WQ 2.7 If you purchase WolfQuest Anniversary Edition, you also receive 2.7 for free. Full Game: The entire game with Amethyst, Slough Creek, and the new Lost River map, Multiplayer, and all customizations for $15. Available as a digital download on or Steam.

Where can I download WolfQuest?

Get WolfQuest: Anniversary Edition

  • Get the game from WolfQuest (on Get the game on
  • Get the game on Steam. Get the game on Steam.
  • Will WQ:AE Be Released on Mobile? First we have to complete WolfQuest:Anniversary Edition on PC/Mac platforms.

How much is the full version of WolfQuest?

In-App Purchases : The full game (Slough Creek (pups), Multiplayer, and Lost River map) for US $3.99. Wolf Coats and Body customization packs: US $2.99 each or get both packs for US $4.99.

Is WolfQuest on mobile?

The WolfQuest game is available on mobile devices (smartphones and tablets) and is supported on IOS, Android and Kindle devices.

Can you play WolfQuest 3 on a phone?

WolfQuest is available for Mac, Windows, iPhone, iPad, Android & Kindle. So yes, WolfQuest 3 will be available for mobile phones and tablets…at least some of them, and/or in some form.

Will WolfQuest 3 be mobile?

Do you have to buy Wolf Quest?

It is a free update for owners of WolfQuest 2.7 for PC/Mac. Mobile purchases of WQ 2.7 do not apply to the PC/Mac version, so for example, even if you own WolfQuest 2.7 on mobile, you would have to purchase WolfQuest: Anniversary Edition for PC/Mac.

How much money is WolfQuest?

how much does Wolfquest cost? $10 USD or its equivalent in other forms of currency. Depending on whether or not it’s affordable, people do have the option of winning a free, full copy of the game from Eduweb via their monthly contests hosted towards the end of each month.

What are some cheats for Wolf Quest?

Maxed Stats Cheat (Legacy) Begin with a female wolf and set strength to -0.5. Switch to a male wolf and click the top of the speed stat’s bar. Do not slide/drag the bar to the top! Switch back to female and raise strength — as before, click the top of the strength stat’s bar, do not slide/drag. Switch back to male and slide/drag or click the top of the bar to cap the stat.

How do you get puppies in Wolf Quest?

Steps Go to one of the dens on the map. When you are in the den zone, find the den. If you like it, click ‘Make This my Den’. Mark your territory. You can do this by pressing the ‘P’ button or by howling. When you are done, A notice will pop up saying you’re having pups. If you can, name them. When the pups wander away from the den run after them.

Is Wolf Quest multiplayer?

Multiplayer is an optional extra feature that allows people to enjoy the online co-operative WolfQuest experience. Purchasing multiplayer allows players to establish a pack of no more than eight members and participate in various activities throughout the available maps.

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