Can you run a diesel tractor without a thermostat?

Can you run a diesel tractor without a thermostat?

You can run without a thermostat, if you restrict the flow of coolant. The closer the engine temp runs to 210, the more power it will produce, with less fuel consumption. The engine will also create less internal wear at this temperature.

How does a tractor thermostat work?

A thermostat includes a flow orifice, a spring, and a means to open the flow path against spring pressure. At normal operating temperature, the flow orifice is open, and coolant circulates through both the engine and the radiator.

Can you free a stuck thermostat?

You can either replace the valves with new ones or work the valves back into a position where they can move up and down more freely. Replace the thermostat. This is the last thing you want to do, but if the hoses do not show a blockage or coolant hindrance then the thermostat itself may be malfunctioning.

Does a diesel engine need a thermostat?

Most, if not all, large diesel engines found in trucks and farm equipment employ a dual thermostat system. Most engines have a radiator bypass circuit that allows coolant movement in the engine when the thermostat is closed (engine cold) to hasten warm-up and to eliminate localized hot spots.

What are the parts of a Massey Ferguson 1240?

1240 Some of the parts available for your Massey Ferguson 1240 include Clutch, Transmission, PTO, Electrical & Gauges, Front Axle and Steering, Lights and Related, Manuals and DVDs, Seats | Cab Interiors, Sheet Metal and Body, Shop Supply, Radiator & Cooling System.

How to find part number for Massey Ferguson?

Once you have found the part on a diagram click on the part number listed in the table below the diagrams. 134 diagrams found for Massey Ferguson (all Applications).

How to troubleshoot a Massey Ferguson MF tractor?

Long and short reach radiator caps are fitted to MF tractors, make sure that yours is the correct length (Fig.2). Check radiator for leaks by either pressure testing or if you do not have this facility run the motor until hot and leaks will become evident. Fill radiator with water and antifreeze mix.

Where is the Thermostart located on a Massey Ferguson?

The thermostart is located on the inlet manifold on the cylinder head and has both a diesel pipe and electrical wire attached to it. Remove the heater plug and with the diesel pipe and electrical wire attached ensure correct operation. The heater plug burns diesel in the inlet mainifold thus assisting starting. Replace heater plug if necessary.

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