Can you use a vexilar in summer?

Can you use a vexilar in summer?

The key to the summertime system is placement of the transducer. Sure, you could use a puck-style transducer from Vexilar and attach it to your bow-mount trolling motor. Your flasher will work as beautifully in the summer as it does in the winter. You’ll use your Vexilar with its Ice-Ducer.

Can I use my vexilar in open water?

Re: vexilar during open water? No reason you can’t use it in a boat. Only thing is you have to be real fast because you won’t have much time to fish after you drill that 6″ hole in the bottom of your boat …

Can you overcharge a vexilar battery?

OVER DISCHARGE the battery, You should never drain a battery beyond 80%. OVERCHARGE the battery. Measure the voltage of the battery while charging. It should never go over 15 volts.

How is the vexilar used in ice fishing?

Seeing the fish in relation to your presentation is more than half the battle, but using your Vexilar to determine the fishs mood can drastically change the way you put fish on the ice. Understanding how a fish reacts to various jigging movements can help boost your success rate.

Can you tell the size of a fish with a vexilar?

Telling the size of a fish is possible with your Vexilar, so dont listen to grandpa. Determining the aggressive level of the fish is also easy to do with your Vexilar. The obvious is simple, when a fish flies in and crushes your bait then you have an aggressive fish. OK, you got me there.

Can a vexilar ice pack be used as a carrying case?

The Vexilar Ice Packs each have a method for safely storing the transducer. If your carrying case does not have some type of storage method, you need to make one. For example, the old “Dave Genz” ice box (shown) does not address Ice-Ducer storage.

What happens when you hit a bluegill with your vexilar?

Seeing that green flicker turn into an orange line followed by a solid red blip drives tingles down every watcher. Then when it results in a solid thump only to have a plate-sized bluegill on the ice moments later do we realize how exciting, and important our Vexilar becomes.

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