Did Brad Davis retire from WDRC?

Did Brad Davis retire from WDRC?

Brad Davis never really retired — he was last heard from in January and Gary Byron took over his morning show on WDRC-AM1360. Davis started on WTIC-TV3 in 1959 with a dance party show and did just about everything you can do in the media, from investigative reporting to political talk show host.

Where is Brad Davis WDRC?

April 11, 2020 was Brad’s 43rd anniversary as morning drive host on WDRC AM. On April 23 Brad’s name was still listed on the company website. After that it wasn’t. Brad is now living at the Connecticut Veterans Home in Rocky Hill.

What station is the whale?

WDRC-FM (102.9 FM) is a radio station with a classic rock format licensed to Hartford, Connecticut….WDRC-FM.

City Hartford, Connecticut
Broadcast area Greater Hartford
Frequency 102.9 MHz (HD Radio)
Branding 102.9 The Whale

What is 102.9 Phone Number?

Please call 704-714-9444 before you come to pick up your prize. Thank you. We are closed all national holidays.

How old is Brad Davis personality?

Proud of his military service and the discipline it taught him, the 74-year-old Bloomfield resident says he still does a challenging set of military push-ups and sit-ups in his Bloomfield home each day before heading out the door in the wee hours of the morning to get to his studio.

How old is Brad Davis?

41 years (1949–1991)
Brad Davis/Age at death

When did the Albany whaling station close?

21st November 1978
On the evening 21st November 1978, the Cheynes II, Cheynes III and Cheynes IV berthed at the Albany Town Jetty after their last whale hunt. The last shore based whaling station in Australia closed and 178 years of whaling in Albany waters came to an end.

When did the UK stop whaling?

A massive decline in whale numbers had made the industry uneconomic and the International Whaling Commission introduced a moratorium on commercial whaling in 1982. Britain was one of 25 members of the Commission to successfully approve the moratorium, which went into effect in 1986.

Who owns KBLX?


Is Brad Davis still alive?

Deceased (1949–1991)
Brad Davis/Living or Deceased

Is Alex Blue Davis married?

Miranda Russo
Alex Blue Davis/Spouse

How old was Brad in far from home?

Brad’s a 17-year-old kid who makes stupid mistakes and is kind of a bully without necessarily trying to be.

Where was the first FM radio station in Hartford CT?

WDRC-FM. The station began broadcasting in 1959 and was the first commercial FM station in the Hartford radio market. Currently owned by Connoisseur Media with studios located at 869 Blue Hills Avenue in Bloomfield, Connecticut and transmitter site in Meriden, Connecticut .

Who is the owner of the radio station WDRC?

The station is owned by John Fuller’s Red Wolf Broadcasting Corporation, with studios located on Blue Hills Avenue in Bloomfield, Connecticut with other radio stations and a transmitter site in Meriden, Connecticut . WDRC-FM traces its roots to the Doolittle Radio Company, which established what would become WDRC (AM) in 1922.

When did WDRC FM change to WHCN radio?

The original WDRC-FM is now WHCN. The current WDRC-FM was issued a program test authority by the FCC on October 26, 1959. It officially signed on at 8:15 p.m. that same day. On August 31, 1966, WDRC-FM increased power from 7,000 to 17,500 watts, then to 50,000 watts the following May.

What kind of music does WDRC-FM play?

In 2008, WDRC-FM implemented HD Radio technology. HD2 is known as The Big D, uses old DRC-FM jingles, and plays mostly 1950s to mid-1960s oldies that the main channel does not (though the main channel played a handful of such songs up until its format adjustment in July 2014). They also mix in a moderate amount of mid-to-late 1960s oldies as well.

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