Did Mark Cuban invest in BeatBox?

Did Mark Cuban invest in BeatBox?

In 2014, the brand secured a $1 million investment from Mark Cuban on ABC’s Shark Tank. “Having our core brand, BeatBox be named the leader in both single-serve wine and RTD cocktails, is a testament to our vision in changing the alcohol industry and the unwavering support from our fanbase.”

Did BeatBox get a deal on Shark Tank?

Investor Barbara Corcoran offers the BeatBox team $400,000 for 20%, a deal which would bring BeatBox’s valuation down to $2 million from the founders’ valuation of $2.5 million.

What is BeatBox on Shark Tank?

BeatBox: What Happened To Box Wine After $1M Mark Cuban Shark Tank Deal. Since Shark Tank, BeatBox has used Cuban’s investment to expand distribution (it’s now available in Krogers and Ralphs grocery stores across the U.S.) and to launch a single-serve boxed beverage.

What episode of Shark Tank is BeatBox on?

Shark Tank episode 604 has four new businesses seeking an investment from one of the wealthy investors. Justin Fenchel, Brad Schulz, and Aimey Steadman bring boxed wine with a beat into the Tank when they ask the Sharks to quaff off a piece of BeatBox Beverages.

What alcohol is in BeatBox drink?

The formula was switched to a strong 11.1% ABV wine that tastes similar to a spirit, according to Fenchel. The first product they launched was a five liter bag in box portable party punch sold for approximately $20 at retail.

What happened to titin after Shark Tank?

Where is Titin Now? As of July 2021, The Titin Tech website remains inactive but the Titin Force Weighted compression shorts can still be found on Amazon.

Who owns BeatBox drink?

Justin Fenchel
BeatBox Beverages cofounders Justin Fenchel, Amy Steadman and Brad Schultz.

Who are the founders of Beatbox on Shark Tank?

The three young founders of BeatBox – Justin Fenchel, Brad Schultz, and Aimy Steadman of Austin, Texas– pitched their beverage business on Shark Tank in 2014. On the show, they accepted a $1 million investment from billionaire Mark Cuban in exchange for 10 percent equity. [Bonus: 33 Shark Tank Gifts — Smart Gifts For Men, Women, Kids, Pets]

Who is the owner of the Beatbox punch?

The Dyrdek Machine owns @superjacketproductions that produces Ridiculousness and it also has an investment in @beatboxbeverages who sells the worlds tastiest portable Party Punch… Tonight we premiered an episode with @mcuban who is a partner in BeatBox and we did a category all about portable partying.

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Who is Mark Cuban working with for Beatbox?

BeatBox is currently working with celebrity entrepreneur Rob Dyrdek (host/star of MTV’s Ridiculousness) who is helping the company with a “huge packaging overhaul” so BeatBox will appeal to all demographics (21 and older). Mark Cuban recently went on Dyrdek’s TV show Ridiculousness to help promote BeatBox.


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