Do Gamer Advantage glasses actually work?

Do Gamer Advantage glasses actually work?

I like knowing that wearing them is actually helping my eyes and brain. Over the past few weeks I have been wearing my Gamer Advantage glasses all day, and I can honestly say I am amazed! Not only have they helped with my sleeping habits (deeper sleep), but their polarized sun clip keeps my eyes protected in the sun.

Is there any glasses for gaming?

Gaming glasses are similar to computer glasses. They work by countering the hue of the blue light with yellow tint or amber tint glasses. Generally, blue light glasses are known to be useful. Gaming glasses can help reduce eye strain and other effects of blue light caused by excessive screen time.

Do gaming glasses ruin your eyes?

Can computer glasses be worn all the time? It’s common for people to want to wear their computer/blue light blocking glasses for protection and style. If your eyes don’t need other prescription eyeglasses or contacts to see clearly, there is no harm in wearing your computer glasses all the time.

Does Gamer Advantage ship to UK?

International Shipping Kingdom until further notice. best way for Gamer Advantage to tackle these changes. date on this situation. We will let you know as soon as anything changes!

How do you clean Gamer Advantage glasses?

For optimal cleaning, always rinse your glasses off with cold water to remove particles that can scratch, then spray your lenses with an eyeglass cleaner, and dry with the Gamer Advantage microfiber cleaning cloth. NEVER use paper towels, your shirt, or napkins to dry or clean your lenses.

Do gunnars do anything?

While the blue light-blocking effectiveness of computer glasses has been documented, a 2015 study in the Optometry & Visual Performance journal found that Gunnar glasses did not reduce eyestrain as the company claimed. Gaming glasses could offer some real benefits for those who game long hours.

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