Do you need to service a caravan?

Do you need to service a caravan?

It’s not a legal requirement to have your caravan serviced, but we recommend you have it looked at every year, to keep it safe and roadworthy. A caravan service will also help you identify any small problems before they escalate into bigger and more costly issues.

What is involved in servicing a caravan?

A service should include cleaning, inspecting, re-greasing, and refitting and adjusting the bearings. If equipped with disc brakes, the brake pads and rotors should be checked for wear and/or damage. Brake magnets should also be checked for wear and operation and their wiring checked.

How much does it cost to have a caravan serviced?

Caravan servicing involves either a full service or an undercarriage service. The cost for a caravan service will differ slightly based on a single or tandem axle, but generally will be around $300. An undercarriage service should be done every 10,000kms and includes servicing the brakes, the bearings and the lights.

Can I service my caravan myself?

For a caravan out of warranty there is no problem with DIY servicing provided of course that the servicing is carried out by a competent person. Of course there is no legal requirements regarding service but any servicing that is carried out should be done by a competent person for your own and your family’s safety.

How often should I service a caravan?

How often should a caravan be serviced? A caravan needs to be serviced every 10,000klms or every 12-18 months to make sure the brakes and bearings are all in good condition.

How often should you have a caravan serviced?

Glen Markley said: “In my opinion, the only thing that should be required annually is a gas and damp test to maintain warranty/safety and a full service no more than once every three years, or if you are a more high mileage person, sooner, but at your discretion.”

How often should a caravan be serviced?

How often should you reseal a caravan?

By ten years of age every caravan must be inspected for sealant deterioration. Unfortunately some material becomes vulnerable as early as 6 to 8 years. Sealants used in the last 5 years are proving generally more durable; nevertheless inspect that stored or unused van regularly.

How often should caravan be serviced?

How often do caravans need servicing?

I would advise a full service every two years and a simple gas and undergear check every year.

Is it necessary to have a caravan serviced?

Caravan servicing is essential, but getting the work done can be a hassle. And selecting a reputable workshop or service engineer to carry out a caravan service can be a bit of a minefield.

When is the best time to book a caravan service?

Therefore, its important to have a good relationship with your caravan service centre or mobile technician. You want to book well in advance and even potentially pay a deposit to book that service. Therefore, you may be able to take your caravan in for a spring, autumn or maybe even a summertime service.

Do you have to deliver caravan to workshop?

All work is carried out undercover, regardless of the weather conditions. Space to keep items in stock. Some dealers send out annual service reminders. It is your responsibility to deliver your caravan to the workshop and this may not necessarily be that local.

Do you need leisure battery for caravan service?

The performance of your caravan leisure battery is an important consideration when it comes to an annual caravan service. Many of our guests use a caravan motor mover. You need your leisure battery to be in good health for the mover to work. A caravan service centre will check your leisure batteries state of charge and capacity.

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