Does Harley Davidson make a trike kit?

Does Harley Davidson make a trike kit?

The HDTR independent suspension trike kit is the best riding and most reliable trike kit for Harley Davidson touring motorcycles. “UNB Customs converted my cycle, and did an EXCELLENT JOB. The Roadsmith HDTR conversion is designed for the 1996 and newer Harley Davidson Touring models.

Does motor trike have independent suspension?

Motor Trike offers an Independent Rear Suspension on many of their conversions. This makes for a great ride by allowing each wheel on the same axle to move independently of each other. First, they designed and patented an air ride suspension that offers over four inches of wheel travel.

How wide is a Lehman trike kit?

Renegade Specs:

Renegade Specs: FLT / FLHR Models FLHT Models
Length: 102 in. (2591 mm) 103 in. (2616 mm)
Width: 53 in. (1346 mm) 53 in. (1346 mm)
Curb Weight: 1069 lbs. (485 kg) 1141 lbs. (455 kg)
Trunk Volume: 5 cu.ft. (142 L) 5 cu. ft. (142 L)

Do Frankenstein trike kits have reverse?

This trike also has a mechanical reverse kit, the shift handle would not allow for exhaust system so Jim was able to design a great workaround. This Heritage is another example of what possibilities there are with a some creativity, ingenuity and hard work.

Where are Harley trikes made?

The trikes are built by Harley in York.

Does a Harley trike have a reverse gear?

The “dual” rear foot brake also engages the front brake, when applied, which makes slowing this big boy pretty easy. It even has its own reverse gear, which helps with parking. A foot-operated parking brake keeps it steady when it’s docked at the curb.

Is Champion trikes still in business?

The owner retired. They are phasing out of the trike kit building business. They will sell what they have left and that’s it.

Are Lehman Trikes still in business?

Founder John K. Lehman died this past January, and the business closed operations in March. Champion president Craig Arrojo says Lehman Trikes USA will now operate as a private company, and the Spearfish location will employ about 50 when back in full production.

Where can I buy a Harley Davidson Electra Glide?

My 86 Harley Davidson Electra Glide paired with your FLH Sport Trike Kit is a fantastic combo put together by East Coast Superbikes of Babylon, N.Y. Feel free to publish any if you like. The battery, if anyone asks is housed in the rear tour pak. Interested in purchasing this Kit?

Where can I get a Harley Davidson trike installed?

UNB Customs is an authorized dealer for Roadsmith and the official Trike Installation provider for Tilley Harley Davidson of Statesville, NC. We currently carry Harley Davidson Trike kits and Honda Goldwing Trike kits. We have Harley Davidson trikes for sale and Honda Goldwing trikes for sale.

How long is the warranty on a Harley Davidson trike?

Your trike comes with a full 3 year or 1,000,000 mile warranty on the entire trike kit. We can offer this because we know with our over 14 years of producing this type of conversion kit, we do it right the first time

What kind of trike is a roadsmith hdtr?

The Roadsmith HDTR conversion is designed for the 1996 and newer Harley Davidson Touring models. That’s the Road Kings, Classics, Street Glides and Ultra Classics. The HDTR features our independent rear suspension with a 10″ longer wheelbase. That in simple terms, means it rides like no other trike on the market.

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