How big is the UAB Hospital in Birmingham?

How big is the UAB Hospital in Birmingham?

The centerpiece of UAB’s clinical enterprise, UAB Hospital is located in Birmingham’s Medical District. In the midst of UAB’s major research centers and clinics, the 1,157-licensed-bed hospital is among the 20 largest and best equipped in the nation.

Who is the UAB medicine hospital administration fellow?

Morgan is the UAB Medicine Hospital Administration Fellow for 2020-2022. Originally from Gadsden, Ala., Morgan completed her Master of Business Administration from the University of Alabama at Birmingham in 2019. She found her interest in health care while working at an outpatient physician practice during high school.

Where can I find open jobs at UAB?

You may search by location to see all open jobs at our various entities, including: UAB Hospital, UAB Hospital-Highlands, The Kirklin Clinic of UAB Hospital and UAB Health System, UA Health Services Foundation and Outpatient Clinics, UAB Callahan Eye Hospital, and UAB Callahan Eye Hospital Clinic, or:

What makes UAB medicine a good place to work?

As a leading academic medical center and Alabama’s largest employer, UAB Medicine is about teamwork, support, mentorship, and collaboration. It’s a place where you challenge you – your imagination, your entrepreneurial spirit, and your skill sets. When you are UAB Medicine, you change the world. And you start with you.

Where can I dial 55 for UAB Hospital?

Dialing *55 from any hospital telephone reaches someone who can help with any issue a patient or family member may have. UAB physicians are acknowledged leaders in their specialty fields.

Is there a Comprehensive Cancer Center at UAB?

Among them is the O’Neal Comprehensive Cancer Center at UAB, the only one in a five-state region. The hospital also participates in the UAB Comprehensive Diabetes Research Center, and all inpatients are checked for glucose abnormalities through the hospital’s innovative Glycemic Control Program.

Is there WiFi in the hospital at UAB?

You have available a powerful Wi-Fi, meals and snacks that patients may order from a room-service menu at any time of the day, a full-service food court, and other snacking, coffee, pastry, and sandwich shop options. Dialing *55 from any hospital telephone reaches someone who can help with any issue a patient or family member may have.

Where is the UAB division of neuromuscular disease located?

Our division evaluates and treats patients weekly at the Neuromuscular Disease Outpatient Clinic located at The Kirklin Clinic, which provides convenient access to the diagnostic and therapeutic facilities of the department and the UAB Medical Center.

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