How do I change my alliance in top war battle?

How do I change my alliance in top war battle?

If you are a part of an alliance and you want to change it, just go over to your Alliance Tab, which is represented by the two hands embracing on the right side of the home screen in the game. Then tap Settings, then leave the alliance, and confirm.

How do you join a new alliance in top war?

Join An Alliance As Soon As You Can You simply need to click on the alliance icon at the bottom right side of your screen (it’s below the heroes icon).

How do I leave alliance top war?

You can leave your alliance by going to the Alliance menu then the Options tab and pressing the Leave Alliance button. Alliance leaders must first pass the leadership to another member before they are allowed to leave. They can also disband the alliance to destroy it entirely.

What happens when you leave an alliance in top war?

Please Note: If an Alliance Member leaves their Alliance, they lose all bonuses received from their former Alliance’s Achievements.

How do I find my alliance in top war?

Tap on the Alliance emblem (shield) on the right of your screen. A short list of Alliances will be offered to you, feel free to join one of those, or look for another one. If you want to look for an Alliance in particular, tap on the Search button (magnifying glass).

What is the best civilization in rise of kingdoms?

The Best Civilization in Rise of Kingdoms

  • Germany.
  • Britain.
  • Korea.
  • Arabia.
  • Ottoman Empire.
  • Byzantium.

How do I leave alliance STFC?

To leave the Alliance, go to the “My Alliance” tab of the Alliance Center, then tap on “Members”. Tap the red “X” next to your own username and Avatar. You may only join a new Alliance after you have left your old one.

What is the highest level in top war?

Command Center level can be one level higher than your game level, the maximum level however is 80 (same as game level).

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