How do I change the default directory in Linux?

How do I change the default directory in Linux?

How to change directory in Linux terminal

  1. To return to the home directory immediately, use cd ~ OR cd.
  2. To change into the root directory of Linux file system, use cd / .
  3. To go into the root user directory, run cd /root/ as root user.
  4. To navigate up one directory level up, use cd ..

How do I change my default directory?


  1. Go to Windows Start > Open “Computer.”
  2. Click the triangle next to “Documents.”
  3. Right-click the “My Documents” folder.
  4. Click “Properties” > Select the “Location” tab.
  5. Type “H:\docs” in the bar > Click [Apply].
  6. A message box may ask you if you want to move the contents of the folder to the new folder.

Where is the user folder in Linux?

Generally, in GNU/Linux (as in Unix), the user’s Desktop directory can be specified with ~/Desktop . The shorthand ~/ will expand to whatever the home directory is, such as /path/to/home/username .

What is the home directory of a user in Linux?

The home directory is defined as part of the user’s account data (e.g. in the /etc/passwd file). On many systems—including most distributions of Linux and variants of BSD (e.g. OpenBSD)—the home directory for each user takes the form /home/username (where username is the name of the user account).

How to create home directory for existing user in Linux?

By default when you create a user in Linux, users default home directory is created under /home. If you noticed on Ubuntu and Debian derivated distribution useradd command won’t create a home directory by default.

How to change the default home directory of a user?

3. Changing the Default Home Directory So, we’ve created the baeldung user, and its home directory is /home/baeldung. Now we’re going to change the user’s home directory to /usr/baeldung with usermod -d: The usermod command modifies a user account information. We specify the desired home directory with the -d parameter.

Can a user change the home folder in Ubuntu?

Any existing home folder will remain unchanged You cannot change a user’s home directory while that user is logged in (if you are logged in as peter, it will not work). Thanks for contributing an answer to Ask Ubuntu!

How do I create a home folder in Windows 10?

Select the Profile tab. Select the radio button near connect Select a drive letter for the home directories. (When the user logins in, this is the drive letter that will ‘point’ to his/her home folder. You should choose a letter that you know won’t be used by the user’s local machine – the N drive is becoming a popular choice.)

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