How do I get channel C31?

How do I get channel C31?

To subscribe, visit The station was due to fade to black on June 30, but a change to federal broadcast laws ensured the channel would stay on air until 2024. C31 Melbourne general manager Shane Dunlop welcomed the extension.

What channel is C31?

Channel 31 (call sign CTN-31) was a free-to-air community television station in Sydney. The station began broadcasting in 1993 as Australia’s first metropolitan community television station….Channel 31 (Sydney)

Broadcast area Sydney
Headquarters St. Leonards
Language(s) English
Picture format Analogue 4:3

Can you stream Channel 31?

Online Streaming Built from a highly-experienced live television broadcast team, Channel 31’s livestreaming division is led by talented people who are well versed in multi-camera, real-time events.

Is Channel 31 off the air?

Community broadcaster Channel 31 has had its licence extended for three more years after the federal government reversed a decision to end its free-to-air operations. Channel 31 general manager Shane Dunlop said it was a huge relief for the team that had been campaigning for an extension for seven or more years.

How can I watch channel 44?

Watch C44 live anytime, anywhere by streaming us on your mobile or internet connected device. Or check out your favourite shows on our TV On Demand page.

Can I get channel 31 on Foxtel?

While C31 isn’t available as a channel on Foxtel, if you’re able to bypass your Foxtel connection and receive regular digital channels through your television, you shouldn’t have any problems receiving a signal from C31.

Can I get Channel 31 on Foxtel?

Does Channel 31 have an app?

Channel 31 Melbourne has recently announced a new app with Live streaming of its content. The C31 app is available free for download from iTunes and Google Play.

How can I watch Channel 44?

Why does DirecTV not have channel 44?

AT and DIRECTV have removed WPMI and WJTC UTV 44 from their systems. MOBILE, ALA. The retransmission agreement with AT/DirecTV to carry the station recently expired and after several extensions AT/DirecTV and the station were not able to reach an agreement that allows for further carriage of the station.

Does Foxtel have channel 44?

The logical channel number of the service is Channel 44.

How do I get free to air channels on Foxtel?

Press the Active button on your Foxtel remote control. Select Setup from the menu. Select MyStar Settings and then Free To Air Rescan from the menu. Select Ok.

When did C31 Melbourne come on the air?

C31 Melbourne is a free-to-air community television channel in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Its name is derived from UHF 31, the frequency and channel number reserved for analogue broadcasts by metropolitan community television stations in Australia . The station began broadcasting officially on 6 October 1994.

What kind of antenna do I need for C31 Melbourne?

The antenna should be mounted in the horizontal polarisation. By the end of 2016 the community channel C31 Melbourne will be moving to internet only transmission. Once this occurs there will be no UHF transmissions from Mt Dandenong so only a VHF antenna will be required.

Where can I watch C31 TV in Australia?

C31’s digital service is broadcast from the Ornata Rd site (ATV-10 tower) at Mt Dandenong on UHF channel 32 (frequency 557.625MHz). It also rebroadcasts from the Como Centre translator site at South Yarra on RF CH42 627.5 MHz. The transmission uses QPSK modulation, and carries a single standard definition television channel in MPEG2 format.

What does channel 31 stand for in Australia?

“Channel 31” is the colloquial name for metropolitan community-licensed television stations throughout Australia. The name originates from UHF 31, the frequency and channel number reserved for analogue broadcasts by metropolitan community television stations.

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