How do I get my NHS maternity notes?

How do I get my NHS maternity notes?

You can ask your GP, midwife, doctor or health visitor to obtain your records so that you can see them. You do not need a form to do this but can simply ask them at any time. You will need to go in person to the hospital or GP surgery to see your records. You can also make a formal request to see your records.

How can I find my maternity notes online?

If you requested online access to your Maternity notes, your midwife will have activated this at your booking appointment. You will have received a username and password to the mobile number that you gave to the midwife at booking. This software is designed to run on the latest web browsers.

How do you use the maternity notes app?

Open the app store on your smartphone and search for ‘Maternity Notes’. Click the app with this icon: You do not need to set up an account until you see your midwife, so take your smartphone with you to your first appointment.

How do I access my Badger notes?

Badger Notes

  1. All information is held securely and cannot be accessed without the appropriate login details.
  2. Your midwife will ask you for your contact details, email address and mobile number and a security phrase.
  3. Download the Maternity Notes app from the relevant App Store or go to the Badger Notes website.

Do you take your maternity notes everywhere?

Your maternity notes Take your notes with you wherever you go in case you need medical attention while you’re away from home. You can ask your maternity team to explain anything in your notes that you do not understand.

How do I know how much I weighed at birth?

For mother’s height, inches multiplied by 2.54 gives you centimeters. For the mother’s weight, pounds divided by 2.2 gives you kilograms. For the baby’s birth weight, take the number from your calculation and divide by 453 to get your baby’s estimated weight in pounds.

What happens if I lose my pregnancy notes?

You should keep your maternity record safe and make sure you bring it with you to all hospital appointments or admissions, GP appointments or when you arrive at the hospital in labour. If you lose your maternity record, you should contact your midwife or maternity unit as soon as possible.

How do you get your Labour notes?

That’s your maternity or ‘handheld’ notes. Your midwife will update them at each appointment, when you bring them along with you (NHS, 2017). You can ask your midwife to explain anything in your notes that you don’t understand (NHS, 2017).

What does it mean when you are 4 5 engaged?

Your midwife will note how many fifths of your baby’s head they can feel above the edge of your pelvis. So 5/5 or 4/5 in your notes means that your baby hasn’t dropped all the way down yet, while 3/5, 2/5, or less means that your baby is engaged.

What does USS mean in pregnancy?

Tr: Trace, so ‘Tr blood’ would mean a trace of blood was found in your urine, for instance. TCA: To come again (as in, you need another appointment) USS: Ultrasound Scan. VE: Vaginal examination.

What is Badger notes app?

About Badger Notes Badger Notes allows you real time access to your maternity, child or neonatal records. The information that appears is generated in real-time from your hospital based system using details entered by your midwife or other health professionals involved in your care.

Do I need to take my maternity notes on holiday?

Wherever you go, find out what healthcare facilities are at your destination in case you need urgent medical attention. It’s a good idea to take your maternity medical records (sometimes called handheld notes) with you so you can give doctors the relevant information if necessary.

How does the birth notification service work in the UK?

Birth notification service. Babies born in England, Wales and the Isle of Man are issued with a unique NHS number as soon as possible after birth. This goes on to form their lifelong electronic patient record. The NHS Number helps healthcare staff and service providers to identify and match patients to their health records.

Where does the baby’s NHS number go after birth?

The baby’s NHS Number will be returned to the BNA and displayed along with the complete birth notification, which may be printed if required. You can opt to enter another birth for the same mother or a different mother (the option for the same mother will only be available if the birth is a multiple birth).

Where can I find my birth notification number?

The NHS Number helps healthcare staff and service providers match patients to their health records. Search for records, and enter, list, sort, print and export birth notification details. This user guide provides guidance for when you need to submit a birth notification and receive an NHS Number for the baby (or babies).

Is there a way to save a birth notification?

Pressing exit will return you to the ‘Find a patient’ screen. If you press the blue ‘Save’ button then the birth notification will be saved without submitting. Saving the birth notification will not return you an NHS Number for the baby. There may be times when you wish to notify a birth without allocating an NHS Number for the mother.

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