How do I get past motorcycle escape on Lego Indiana Jones?

How do I get past motorcycle escape on Lego Indiana Jones?

Smash the green-and-silver cabinets along the back wall, as well as the crate between them. Grab the wrench from the left cabinet and use the leftover LEGO bits to repair the lever. Pull it to lower the motorcycle on the lift. a wrench and parts to fix the lever.

What motorcycles were used in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade?

Another film is Indiana Jones and the last crusade (1989) – In the escape from the castle, the motorcycles used to chase Indiana Jones and his father were Honda XL 500S’s. The bike and side car ridden by Indiana were a Dnepr MT-11.

How do you unlock bonus levels in Lego Indiana Jones?

You can unlock three bonus levels (Young Indy, Ancient City and Warehouse) by completing a puzzle in Barnett College and filling the Artifact Room with artifacts by collecting all 10 Treasures in each level.

How do you beat escape motorcycle?

Use the Bazooka to blow up the silver structures at the far right side of the area. Use the resulting bricks to build an orange doo hickey that you can pull on to bring up the bridge. Go back for the bikes, cross the bridge with them and park them on the orange pads to open the gate.

What bike did Shia LaBeouf ride in Indiana Jones?

Harley-Davidson Softail Springer Classic
Directed by Steven Spielberg, the latest in the series of cult Indiana Jones movies stars Harrison Ford and Shia LaBeouf along with a 2007 Harley-Davidson Softail Springer Classic customized to reflect the movie’s 1957 period setting.

Was Petra used in Indiana Jones?

Fact and Fiction. Several scenes from the Hollywood blockbuster Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade were filmed in Petra. In the film’s climactic final scenes, actors Harrison Ford and Sean Connery burst forth from the Siq and walk deep into the labyrinths of the Treasury in their quest to find the Holy Grail.

How to make Slay in Lego Indiana Jones?

Once your in the last area of the level get all of blue blocks and put them on the blue platform. Then build both platforms to get on the mountain edge. Follow the path and you will see a house. Find a way up there and you’ll see presents and LEGO blocks that make a slay.

Who are the girls in Lego Indiana Jones?

Indy hits the small screen in block form. It’s fun in small doses, but not as consistently entertaining as LEGO Star Wars. When you have Indy and a girl (Marian, Willie, Elsa), stand about a meter away from the girl and press circle.

How many artifacts are there in Indiana Jones?

Each of the game’s 18 main levels contains 10 artifact pieces, which look like golden treasure chests. Some of these are sitting out in the open; some are cleverly hidden.

What are the cheats for Indiana Jones the original adventures?

Go in the chimney and then brake the boxes and there will be a candy cane that you could use for a weapon and you’ll also see Santa Claus. Regenerate Hearts – MDLPD – so you don’t lose the studs you will have soon. Go to “Into The Mountains” level as free play. Choose any one that has a rocket launcher.

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