How do I read an EAN-8 barcode?

How do I read an EAN-8 barcode?

Specifications: EAN-8 barcode’s 8 digits are split into two sets of four each. It has two flag digits, which indicate the country where the barcode was issued. Then there are five data digits, which briefly identify the product, followed finally by a check number.

What does EAN stand for in the EAN-13 barcode?

European Article Number
EAN stands for European Article Number. Original barcode was an EAN/UPC symbol, back in 1973.

What is difference between EAN-8 and EAN-13?

The barcode EAN-13 is mainly used to mark consumer products that passes through a checkout point and which is identified with a GTIN-13 or a variable weight code. EAN-8 is used to label small consumer products that has limited space for a barcode, such as a lipstick. EAN-8 contains a GTIN-8.

How do you read an EAN code?

EAN has the following data composition.

  1. (1) Country code. Represents the country name.
  2. (2) Manufacturer code. Represents the original seller’s name.
  3. (3) Product item code. Identify the product.
  4. Country code list. The number of member countries is 94 (92 code centers). (
  5. Source marking.
  6. In-store marking.

Where can I find the product EAN number?

The European Article Number (EAN) is a unique 13 digit number that is used in barcodes to identify products. The EAN number can be found on the packaging of your product and will always consist of 13 numbers. It will never contain any letters.

How do I find my EAN code?

How do I get an EAN code?

How to buy an EAN Barcode? The easiest way to buy an EAN Barcode is to do it through this wesite. We sell EAN barcodes in barcode packages which include everything you need to get going. These are sold for a very reasonably one-off cost.

Do I need an EAN number?

One of the first things to understand is that not everyone who sells online will need an EAN code. However, if you’re selling digital products (even to Europe), you don’t need an EAN code. If you do hope to sell your products within Europe, then you need to ensure each item has an EAN number.

Should I use UPC or EAN?

If you are NOT selling your product(s) in the United States or Canada and strictly out of these countries, you should use the EAN barcode. A UPC — or Universal Product Code — can be read in all countries that have adopted the EAN code plus the United States and Canada.

How do I find my EAN number?

The check digit for an EAN-13 code is calculated as follows:

  1. Count digit positions from the left to the right, starting at 1.
  2. Sum all the digits in odd positions.
  3. Sum all the digits in even positions and multiply the result by 3.

What is the EAN-13 barcode?

The EAN-13 barcode encodes a GTIN-13 and is used to identify individual items at retail point of sale. It can also be used for trade units sold to consumers, e.g. a case of wine. Can be read right-side-up or upside-down, making the EAN-13 an efficient barcode for high-volume scanning in supermarkets.

What is the ean13 standard?

EAN-13 is a one-dimensional barcode standard which is widely used all over the world as product identifier at the point of sell. EAN stands for European/International Article Number but it can be also found as GTIN which means Global Trade Item Number.

What is an EAN barcode number?

What Is an EAN Barcode Number? The EAN barcode number, which is also known as the International Article Number or the European Article Number, refers to a 13 digit code with is considered to be a modification, or superset, of the original 12 digit code used for barcodes that was invented in 1970 by George Laurer.

Are UPC barcodes and EAN barcodes the same?

The Difference. It’s often not understood that UPC and EAN barcodes are fundamentally identical–they contain the same number of digits, encode those digits in the same way, and use them for the same things. The two digits used for the country code in an EAN barcode are either abandoned in a UPC or used to specify the United States.

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