How do I start the Ring of Hircine quest?

How do I start the Ring of Hircine quest?

Kill Sinding and skin him for the first reward, pick up the ring and leave the cave. Leaving the cave with the ring will trigger Hircine to come and give you the Ring of Hircine reward while keeping the Savior’s Hide.

Where do I find the Ring of Hircine in Skyrim?

The Cursed Ring of Hircine is obtained during the quest “Ill Met by Moonlight,” from the werewolf Sinding, who is imprisoned in Falkreath.

How do I get rid of the cursed Ring of Hircine?

Talk to Sinding and place the Cursed Ring of Hircine in a chest in Bloated Man’s Grotto or give it to a follower. Exit the Grotto, and receive the ring from the Aspect of Hircine. Go back, kill Sinding and take the skin from his body to receive the Savior’s Hide.

Can you get both the Ring of Hircine and saviors hide?

You can actually get both the Ring of Hircine, and the Saviour’s Hide in one save, due to this quest being bugged.

Can you use the ring of Hircine without being a werewolf?

Without mods, no. You must already be a werewolf to gain any benefit from the Ring of Hircine.

Does the cursed ring of Hircine work if you’re not a werewolf?

The Ring of Hircine does not automatically make you a werewolf: it just grants you the ability to transform one additional time per day1, but only if you already have lycanthropy. The only way to contract lycanthropy is to seek out the Companions.

Does the cursed ring of Hircine do anything?

By equipping the Cursed Ring of Hircine, you lose control over your transformations. They become involuntary, and once you feel that rumbling in your tummy you’re left with no choice but to accept what’s about to go down.

Does the Ring of Hircine make you a werewolf?

Will I lose my werewolf perks if I become a vampire?

1 Answer. Once Vampire Lord/Werewolf perk points are used, they’re set permanently. If you cure yourself and then get re-infected you’ll retain all of the perks you originally unlocked.

How does it feel to transform into a werewolf?

Folklore and pop culture has codified the steps of how you turn into a werewolf, and it’s not pretty. While the end result might be cool, the steps of turning into a werewolf are all pretty painful for your human form to handle. There is usually a lot of screaming, snapping, stretching, and howling involved.

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