How do you beat Machinarium?

How do you beat Machinarium?

The rules are that you win if you have 5 of your parts in a row, no matter if straight or diagonal and you can move wherever you want (unlike connect four, where you have to insert from the top). This old guy is a tough guy for this game but you can beat him.

How do you electrocute the cat in Machinarium?

Task 3 – Josef will have to make the Stepladder Robot move to the right. (See: Stepladder Robot) This will enable Josef to scare the Cat which will run away, jump onto the bridge railing and be knocked out by the electric shock.

How do you use Machinarium?

  1. Push the lower left bulb.
  2. Push the top bulb.
  3. Push the lower right bulb.
  4. Push the left bulb.
  5. Push the upper right bulb.
  6. Push the bottom bulb.
  7. Push the upper left bulb.
  8. Push the right bulb.

What is the story of Machinarium?

Machinarium is an indie puzzle game created by Amanita Design. The gameplay is point-and-click, and you play as a small robot named Josef who is sent to the scrap heap; his goal is to save the head of the city, defeat the evil Black Cap Brotherhood and rescue his girlfriend Berta.

How do you win 5 in a row?

The winner is the first player to get an unbroken row of five stones either horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. Winning the game requires a row of exactly five stones; a row of six or more stones – called overline – does not count.

How do you beat the robot in Tic Tac Toe in Machinarium?

MISSABLE ACHIEVEMENT 1/4: You need to WIN FIVE GAMES of tic-tac-toe with the robot in the bar. You’ve already won one to get the bolts. Simply keep clicking on him and playing him until you’ve won five times, and the achievement will immediately pop.

How do you get the lightbulb in Machinarium?

A Maintenance Robot will come out of a small access door and vacuum up the soil. If the player makes Josef pick up the Maintenance Robot he will shake the Maintenance Robot and the Small Lightbulb (3-pin) will fall out. The Small Lightbulb (3-pin) should be placed in the circle of lights on the control box panel.

How do you get the radio in Machinarium?

To get the Broken Radio Josef will have to help the Didgeridoo Player in the Robot Band. When Josef speaks to the Didgeridoo Player it shows that it is unable to play because there is a Rodent in the didgeridoo.

Where do you pick up the cat in Machinarium?

Move a piece to cut electricity and pick up the cat. Go down to the musicians again and use the cat with the tube of the last musician. Pick up the broken radio. Now go back up the stairs, past the door and the other stairs until you come to the towne centre.

How do you change the cart in Machinarium?

Go on the far right and pick up the piece of metal hanged up near the door. Click the small glowing switch in the middle of the furnace to open the control panel on the right. Click on the control panel and change 1 to bottom, 2 to top, 3 to bottom. Click the red push on the right and then go straight into the cart.

How do you do the walkthrough for Machinarium?

Click on the cone on the floor to pick up the cone. Continue to click on the cone until you uncover the small bucket of paint. Use the cone with the bucket of white paint next to you on the left side of the screen. Go to the pole and go up twice. Pick up the bottom bar and use it on the pole holes to reach higher.

How do you get your legs on Machinarium?

Click twice on the robot body to drop it near the robot head. Click on the head to connect the head with the body. Extend the head upwards and grab the teddy bear. Use the teddy bear with the mouse like robot to get your legs. Pick up the magnet near the fan and then pick up the string from the roll of string on the floor.

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