How do you beat Moonfang?

How do you beat Moonfang?

You will probably want at least 20 players or so (if pugging) to kill Moonfang. She will spawn a lot of adds, does an AoE fear, and does a leap that hits quite hard if she lands on you. Her melee is also strong, so a tank of some kind will be required unless there are enough to zerg her down.

Does Moonfang drop a mount?

Moonfang drops a variety of vanity loot: Shimmering Moonstone: Temporary mount that can be used during the Faire and disappears afterwards. Mount is a white wolf with glowing moon. Moon Moon: Summons the Moon Moon Beast battle pet with the following abilities: Moon Fang, Howl, Moon Tears, Bite, Crouch, Moon Dance.

Where is Moonfang?

western Darkmoon Island
Moonfang world boss located in the woods on western Darkmoon Island. She (and the rest of the Island) is only accessible while the Darkmoon Faire is active. Moonfang is a no tap mob, meaning all players of both factions that are on her aggro table are eligible for loot.

Does the Darkmoon rabbit Despawn?

It takes about 25-30 seconds to run back to the cave. The rabbit does respawn during the Darkmoon Faire, but the timer is pretty long. This will be the most inconvenient part of trying to get this achievement done. I’ve seen suggestions range from a 12-hour to as much as a 48-hour respawn timer.

What is Darkmoon rabbit?

Darkmoon Rabbit is a level ?? boss rabbit at the Darkmoon Island Cave on Darkmoon Island. Upon attacking the beast, it will attempt to melee whoever has the most threat, and thus can be tanked while not casting its special move.

Is Moonfang a good card?

Moonfang is a fairly low-impact card when played on 5, so it’s a good target to cheat out of your deck. Druids can accomplish this with Guardian Animals or Strength in Numbers, while Paladins can use Duel! or Commencement.

How many tickets can you get per Darkmoon Faire?

Bashiok’s post clearly points out that the max number of tickets a player can get during each Darkmoon Island week is 145 tickets. The only issue is that a mount from the Darkmoon Faire costs 180 tickets, so players will have to wait until the next Darkmoon Island opens to claim their first mount reward.

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