How do you beat the space station infestation in Lego Batman 3?

How do you beat the space station infestation in Lego Batman 3?

Space Station Infestation | Walkthrough LEGO Batman 3 Guide

  1. After watching a cut-scene, destroy the two lasers by the nearby entrance.
  2. Go up the stairs and destroy the blue hatch.
  3. After destroying the object, use the resulting bricks to create a control panel, and unlock the locker next to you.

How do you freeze water in Lego Batman 3?

Don the Power Suit and destroy the silver hatch on the water tank. Now use Batman’s Arctic Suit on the tentacles to freeze them solid.

How do you get the electric suit in Batman?

Unlocking. Batman (Elecricity Suit) can be unlocked through completion of storymode.

How do you unlock the atom in Lego Batman 3?

How to unlock The Atom | General tips LEGO Batman 3 Guide

  1. To unlock The Atom, you have to complete The Big Grapple mission.
  2. The place shown on the picture is the area where you can unlock The Atom.
  3. After completing the task, go to the left side and put out the fire using Batman’s Arctic Suit.

How to change into cyborg in Lego Batman 3?

Head downstairs and use Batman’s Sensor Suit to peer through the green wall. Spin the two dials until the color on the side facing inward matches the colors of the central piece. This will give Batman control of the pistons in the room above. Switch to Cyborg, change into his Stealth Suit and send him up to the piston room.

How does Robin change his suit in Lego Batman 3?

Once Robin has his new suit, switch to the Magnet Suit and interact with the blue object on the left. Change to the Sphere Suit, hit the Interaction Button to encase Robin in a clear, plastic ball (we’re sure there are air holes) and roll onto the Sphere Slot.

How to get to the elevator in Lego Batman 3?

Destroy the the gold object behind it to disable the lasers blocking the blue magnetic pipes. Switch to Robin and use his Magnet Suit to march up the blue pipes to where you left Cyborg. Change into the Techno Suit and interact with the Techno Panel to call the elevator.

How to defeat Killer Croc in Lego Batman 3?

Jump on the pump three times to and Killer Croc will leap out and attack. Switch to Cyborg’s Giant Suit and repeatedly press the buttons indicated to defeat Croc. Climb down the ladder in the foreground and use the Techno Terminal to open the door. Run inside and grab the Minikit along with a few Studs.

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