How do you get from Tokyo to Nara?

How do you get from Tokyo to Nara?

To travel from Tokyo to Nara, take a shinkansen (bullet train) from Tokyo to Kyoto, and then catch a train on the JR Nara line or Kintetsu Nara line from Kyoto to Nara. It takes around 2 hours and 15 minutes to get from Tokyo to Kyoto. It takes around 45 minutes to get from Kyoto to Nara.

Is Kyoto close to Nara?

Nara is 35 kilometers south of Kyoto City and about 28 kilometers east of Osaka. Thus, it’s within easy day trip distances of these cities. Of course, if you want to slow down and enjoy Nara a bit more, it makes sense to stay a night in Nara to really explore the area.

Are Kyoto and Tokyo the same city?

When writing the two cities’ respective names in Japanese, you’d write Kyoto as 京都 and Tokyo as 東京都. The only difference is the 東, which stands for “east.” The name for Kyoto translates to “imperial capital” and Tokyo “east imperial capital.”

Is Nara a day trip from Kyoto?

Nara is the most popular day trip from Kyoto, and there are two train operators for lines running between Kyoto and Nara: JR West and Kintetsu Railways.

How far is Kyoto from Nara?

26 miles
Driving directions from Kyoto to Nara The route from Kyoto to Nara is 26 miles long. It takes approximately 35 minutes to drive from Kyoto to Nara. It will cost you 6 USD to refuel your car. The fastest and most comfortable option to get to Nara from Kyoto is a taxi, which will be around 160 USD.

How much time do you need in Nara?

While six or eight hours is ideal for a daytrip, you might find yourself with a mere half day to spend in Nara. If that is the case, don’t despair: A half-day (four hours) is enough to see a lot of Nara’s major sights.

What’s better Tokyo or Kyoto?

Kyoto is more relaxing. Tokyo is about 30% more expensive than Kyoto for travelers. If you prefer big cities, modern technology, nightlife and a huge selection of restaurants, Tokyo is for you. If you’re after temples, shrines, garden, geisha and hiking, Kyoto is for you.

What is Nara Japan known for?

It was the national capital of Japan from 710 to 784—when it was called Heijō-kyō—and retains the atmosphere of ancient Japan. The city is most noted for the many ancient Japanese Buddhist buildings and artifacts in and around the city, including the Seven Great (and many ancient but lesser) Temples of Nara.

How many days is enough in Kyoto?

Five days in Kyoto is the perfect amount of time to spend in Kyoto. You can explore the main sightseeing districts and take a daytrip to Nara. This itinerary allows you to get the best out of five full days in the city.

Which is the easiest way to travel from Tokyo to Nara?

Summary of transport options from Tokyo to Nara. Hands down the easiest and most convenient choice is the Shinkansen from Tokyo to Kyoto and then a connecting train to Nara, particularly if you have a Japan Rail Pass. The cheapest option is often a highway bus. You could also rent a car and drive from Tokyo to Nara.

Where is the prefecture of Nara in Japan?

Nara is a sizeable prefecture just south and east of Osaka in the Kansai region of Japan, and one that’s increasingly giving Kyoto a run for its money as top spot to visit.

How much is a bullet train ticket from Tokyo to Nara?

During peak season, which encompasses spring and summer holidays, Golden Week and New Year, a one-way bullet train ticket + onwards ticket purchased at the station will cost you around ¥14,650 (on the Nozomi).

Which is the fastest bullet train from Tokyo to Kyoto?

The Nozomi is the fastest bullet train available on this route, though if you have a Japan Rail Pass you’ll be limited to the very slightly slower Hikari and other models. The slowest Shink is the Kodama—it’s an old model that takes upwards of 3.5 hours to make the journey from Tokyo to Kyoto.

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