How do you make emoticons on Facebook comments?

How do you make emoticons on Facebook comments?

To add emoticons to a Facebook comment using the desktop site:

  1. Go to the text box to enter a comment.
  2. Compose your comment normally, entering any text you want.
  3. Select the Smiley Face icon next to the comments text box.
  4. An array of emoticons appears.
  5. Select the Smiley Face icon again to close the pop-up box.

How do you make a thumbs up on Facebook comment?

You can now easily write Thumbs Up Sign or Smiley in Facebook chat or comments by just typing the sign (Y), that is, a capital Y in parentheses or brackets. The symbol (Y) was selected to represent the Thumbs Up smiley because it generally signifies a Yes.

How do you make a love symbol on Facebook comments?

You can create a new post from the top of your News Feed, or click any text field, such as a comment box. Type <3. into the text field. This will create the standard, red heart emoji when you post your text.

How do you react on Facebook?

Go to the post or comment you want to react to. Tap and hold Like, and then choose a reaction. The most popular reactions appear below the post or comment as icons (example: ). Learn how to change or remove your reaction to a post or comment.

How do you put icons on Facebook?

Here’s what you have to do:

  1. Right-click on your Desktop.
  2. When the menu opens, click on New.
  3. Click on Shortcut.
  4. A new field will open, and you have to enter the location.
  5. Click Next.
  6. Enter the name of your shortcut (Type “Facebook”).
  7. Click Finish.

How to like and make comments on Facebook posts?

Frequently, people post things that you want to respond to. You may read an article they posted and want to respond to the viewpoint with one of your own. Their photos may be so beautiful that you just have to tell them. To comment on anything on Facebook, follow these steps: Click Comment. The comment box expands.

How does the like button work on Facebook?

Facebook reactions help express your emotions about a Facebook post with a simple click. Until now, when a friend posted something on Facebook and you wanted to interact with them, your options were limited to commenting or clicking the Like button to share your thoughts.

How do I change my comment ranking on Facebook?

Step 1: Open the Facebook website and click the small down arrow present at the top. Select Settings. Step 2: Click Public Posts present on the left side. Step 3: Hit the Edit button next to the Comment Ranking. Click the drop down button under Comment Ranking and select On.

How do you make a comment on a website?

The comment box expands. Frequently, this box is already expanded, in which case you can simply go on to Step 2. Click in the text box that appears. Type what you want to say. When you’re finished, press Enter. Frequently, comment threads, or a series of comments, can become like an ongoing conversation.

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