How do you say beautiful in Guam?

How do you say beautiful in Guam?

“Beautiful” in Chamorro When saying that someone is beautiful, you would say bunita for females and bunitu for males. NOTE: The word bunitu , from Spanish bonito, is often used as a general term to describe things as beautiful or pretty.

How do you say my love in Chamorro?

“Hu guaiya hao”, literally means “I love you” and is the most common way to express your love for someone in Chamorro.

What does Bebe mean?

noun. babe [noun] (literary) a baby. a babe in arms (= a small baby not yet able to walk). baby [noun] a very young child.

How do you say baby in Guam?

neni | Chamorro Dictionary noun. 1) a baby, an infant, a little kid.

How do you say yes in Chamorro?

The Chamorro language is experiencing a resurgence, and we Guamanians are proud….Simple Chamorro Greetings.

Chamorro English
Na’an hu si My name is . . .
Hunggan Yes
Ahe’ No
Adios Goodbye

What is Bonita in Chamorro?

bunita | Chamorro Dictionary Feminine form of Spanish bonito, meaning pretty. examples.

What does love mean in Chamorro?

guinaiya | Chamorro Dictionary noun. 1) love, affection, fondness, desire. 2) a person to whom love is shown and expressed. etymology. Nominalized form of the Chamorro verb guaiya, meaning to love.

What is family in Chamorro?

Familia [Family] (Chamorro)

Can I call my girlfriend Bebe?

by their name, or your own personal term of endearment, that’s totally fine! “Babe or baby are not the only words that can be used as terms of endearment,” Maria says. “It can be even more fulfilling to call your partner by a name that is backed by something more personal, like a nickname or inside joke.”

Does Bebe mean drink in Spanish?

The following examples show you beber in action: ¿Bebes agua todos los días? (Do you drink water every day?)…Conjugating the Spanish Verb Beber (to Drink)

Conjugation Translation
yo bebo I drink
tú bebes You (informal) drink
él/ella/ello/uno bebe He/she/one drinks
usted bebe You (formal) drink

What is HI Chamorro?

Don’t be surprised if business owners and restaurant staff greet you with a hearty “Håfa Adai” (Chamorro for “Hello”).

What does Bebe mean in Spanish to English?

te amo, bebé I love you, baby como un bebé like a baby El bebé bebe bebidas con burbujas. The baby imbibes bubbly beverages. Un besito bien suavecito, bebé. A soft little kiss, baby. de bebé baby

What does Bebe Agua mean in Spanish dictionary?

A word of phrase used to refer to the second person informal “tú” by their conjugation or implied context (e.g. How are you?). No bebas gaseosa; bebe agua, es mejor para la salud.Don’t drink soda; drink water, it’s better for your health.

Why does Florencia say Bebe Agua Porque?

Bebe agua porque necesita mantenerse hidratada.She drinks water because she needs to stay hydrated. Florencia bebe agua porque no le gusta ninguna otra bebida. Florencia drinks water because she doesn’t like any other beverage. 2. A word of phrase used to refer to the second person informal “tú” by their conjugation or implied context (e.g.

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