How do you write a French cheque example?

How do you write a French cheque example?

For example: 86,50 euros becomes “quatre-vingt-six euros et cinquante centimes”….How to fill out a French cheque in words

  1. 20 = vingt.
  2. 25 = vingt-cinq.
  3. 80 = quatre-vingts.
  4. 82 = quatre-vingt-deux (the ‘s’ disappears!)
  5. 100 = cent.
  6. 107 = cent-sept.
  7. 200 = deux-cents.
  8. 207 = deux-cent-sept (Once again, the ‘s’ has disappeared!)

How do I pay in a cheque in France?

To cash a cheque, you will need to go to your bank (or any branch of your bank). Most banks have one of two ways to cash a cheque (or ‘encaisser une chèque’ in French): Using a cheque-deposit machine (un Guichet Automatique de Banque) Manually at a self-deposit desk (une urne)

How do you write a cheque amount?


  1. Start writing the cheque with the name of the person to whom you are offering the amount right next to the word ‘Pay’;
  2. Write the amount in words specifically in capital letters as close as possible.
  3. Write the word ‘only’ after you mention the amount in words.
  4. Avoid spaces between the numbers signifying the amount.

What is a French cheque?

Writing out a French cheque is very similar to filling out a UK cheque, the main difference when writing out a French cheque is that the amount that the cheque is for goes at the top where in an English cheque you would normally put the name of the person that you are making the cheque payable to.

How do I pay by cheque?

Cheque-writing basics

  1. write the name of the person or organisation you’re paying.
  2. draw a line through any blank spaces on the cheque so people can’t add extra numbers or names.
  3. add details (such as a reference or account number) to the payee line.
  4. keep the cheque stub that contains the details and reference.

How long is a cheque valid in France?

You should also know that a French cheque is valid 1 year and 8 days. It is strictly forbidden to write cheques if your account then becomes overdrawn.

How long is a French cheque valid for?

12 months and 8 days
It is illegal in France to write a cheque for an amount exceeding the balance of your account. Avoid postdating cheques, as once they have been issued they could be presented immediately. Validity of a cheque is 12 months and 8 days.

How do you write a French cheque in euros?

How to write the amount of euros in french. In the box next to the € sign, write the amount of the cheque in numbers. Make sure it matches the amount you wrote out in words in step one. **Do not use a decimal for the cents.

What are different types of a cheque?

What Are the Different Types of Cheques? Cashier’s Cheques. To obtain a cashier’s check, a customer pays a bank the face value of the check along with a service charge. Bounced Cheques. A bounced check is a check that a bank cannot process due to insufficient funds in a personal bank account. Certified Cheques. Traveler’s Cheques.

What are the uses of cheque?

A cheque or check (US spelling) is used as a method of payment instead of using cash or a credit or debit card.

What are the functions of a cheque?

Safety: An order cheque is safer as it can be encased only by the person named in the cheque or to his order.

  • order cheque is particularly suitable for making big payments.
  • Recorded movement: In case of order cheque there is a record of the cheque from one person to another.
  • How is a cheque used in the transaction of money?

    Another commonly used mode of payment is cheque . A cheque can be defined as an order to a bank to pay the stated amount of money on the cheque from a person’s account to the person whose name is mentioned on the cheque. The cheque is considered one of the safest mode of payment as one does not have to carry a large sum of money all around.

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