How do you write a heritage statement?

How do you write a heritage statement?

A heritage statement should outline the overall significance of the building, conservation area, neighbouring heritage assets and its setting. This should outline what is of high, medium and low significance, adding to the understanding of the building and how it has changed over time.

What is a heritage statement planning?

A Heritage Statement is an assessment of the significance of heritage assets and/or their settings affected by a development, and of the impacts of that development upon them. A Heritage Asset is a “building, monument, site, place, area or landscape identified as.

What is a statement of significance?

What is a Statement of Significance? These are statements that form part of the justification for the proposal which demonstrates that consideration has been given to the protection of the heritage asset and or its setting. The scope will vary on the extent of the proposals and the importance of the asset.

What is a cultural heritage impact assessment?

A Cultural Heritage Impact Assessment (CHIA) is a study to identify and evaluate built heritage resources and cultural landscapes in a given area (i.e. subject property) and to assess the impacts that may result from a proposed development or alteration on the cultural heritage value of a property.

Do I need design and access statement?

The requirement for design and access statements applies to all applications for listed building consent. It also applies to all applications for planning permission except: a material change of use of land and buildings, (unless it also involves operational development)

How do you write a good statement of significance?

Write the significance of the study by looking into the general contribution of your research, such as its importance to society as a whole, then proceed downwards—towards the individual level, and that may include yourself as a researcher. You start broadly then taper off gradually to a specific group or person.

What should be included in a heritage impact statement?

Your heritage impact statement should describe your proposals, including the design principles and concepts, and include a brief schedule of works, which gives enough information about the proposed work to enable an informed decision to be made.

Which is an example of a heritage asset?

Heritage assets include buildings, monuments and sites and their settings, some of which may be protected by law (designated heritage assets) and others which, whilst not statutorily protected, will also require consideration (non-designated heritage assets).

How is archaeology included in the planning process?

Usually a desk-based assessment (DBA) will be needed to identify known and potential archaeological and built heritage assets, their significance, and the extent to which the development proposal would affect them. This will result in a heritage statement for inclusion as part of an environmental statement and/or a design and access statement.

What should be included in a design statement for a listed building?

The statement will need to explain your approach to ensuring that the historic and special architectural importance of the listed building is preserved or enhanced. Where an aspect of the design has the potential to affect this adversely, the statement should explain why it is necessary, and what measures have been taken to minimise its impact.

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