How many Allied Genera are there in Bulbophyllum?

How many Allied Genera are there in Bulbophyllum?

Taxonomists have described at least two dozen allied genera, which have been combined with, and separated from, Bulbophyllum, over the years. Some of the most commonly encountered allied genera are; Cirrhopetalum, Ione, Mastigion, Megaclinium, Rhytionanthos and Trias.

Where can I find a Bulbophyllum orchid in the world?

Rare Bulbophyllum from Thailand Bulbophyllums can usually be found in the warmer parts of the world, such as Thailand and Vietnam. Various species have adapted to grow on diverse habitats from high mountains to sea level.

What kind of flower is a Bulbophyllum?

The flowers are usually short lived (5-7 days) and are occasionally fragrant (while the fragrance can be pleasant it is often quite foul). Some commonly encountered species are: Bulbophyllum dearei, echinolabium, falcatum, fasinator, flabellum-veneris (syn. lepidum), guttalatum, lasiochilum, lobbii, longissimum, makoyanum, medusae, and putidum.

What kind of light does a Bulbophyllum orchid need?

We can break this environment down into a few different aspects: Bulbophyllum orchids enjoy moderate to bright lighting, with the morning being the best time for receiving sunshine. You should try to shield your plant from direct sunlight around midday when the sun is too intense. This is not necessary on cloudy days and after 3pm.

How big does a Bulbophyllum orchid flower get?

Common NameMedusa’s Bulbophyllum [Mythological Gorgon with a head of snakes] Flower Size6″ Long [15 cm]

How often should you water a Bulbophyllum orchid?

Bulbophyllum may be the exception to the rule “when in doubt, don’t water”. Species from more temperate regions often have a dry period, and watering should be adjusted accordingly. Use a balanced fertilizer at quarter strength once a week during the summer.

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