How many levels are there in Commandos 2?

How many levels are there in Commandos 2?

The game has 2 Training missions, 10 actual missions, and 10 bonus missions (From which 1 is unnamed and not available in the main menu).

Is Commandos 2 worth playing?

There’s no doubting that, underneath all the problems, Commandos 2 – HD Remaster is a solid game, a brilliant one even, with ten huge levels that will test even the most experienced and patient of real-time tactical fans – and this is a genre that’s sorely underserved on Nintendo Switch – but, in an age of Shadow …

How can I play Commandos 2 on Android?

Commandos 2 on Android (Video + Guide)

  1. You have to download Exagear from Google play and install it on your tablet/phone:
  2. Install Commandos 2 on your PC a)
  3. Put dsound.dll to Commandos 2 folder.
  4. Copy the Commandos 2 folder to the ExaGear folder in your device internal storage (/sdcard/exagear/)

Are commandos game characters real?

Commandos is a stealth-oriented real-time tactics video game series. The five games released between 1998 and 2006 are all set during World War II and follow the adventures of a fictional British Commandos unit. Each mission is loosely based on historical events during World War II to carry the plot.

What was the first commandos game?

Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines
Commandos (series)

Publisher(s) Eidos Interactive
Platform(s) Windows, PlayStation 2, Xbox
First release Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines 1 July 1998
Latest release Commandos: Strike Force 17 March 2006

Who are the commandos?

62 Commando or the Small Scale Raiding Force was a small 55–man unit under the operational control of the Special Operations Executive (SOE). They carried out raids planned by SOE such as Operation Postmaster on the Spanish island of Fernando Po off the coast of West Africa.

What kind of games does Eidos Interactive make?

I’m not certain that this type of game really represents a new genre. With outstanding graphics and realistic effects, Eidos Interactive takes you into the seedy world of death-for-hire. Sneaking into the heavily guarded compound and eliminating one of the guards by knife was fairly easy.

How is the user interface in Commandos 2?

You can get access to the improved controls in the menu itself. The user interface is one of the most significant aspects of any game or any other application to which the users pay a lot of heeds. So, talking about the user interface of this game, there is just one word to describe it and that is excellent.

What can you do in the game Commandos?

There is a total of nine unique Commandos that are different from all earlier commandos. This game can offer the players a completely interactive environment which makes it interesting for the players to keep up with the game. The players can swing from cables, climb poles, steal enemy weapons and uniforms, and a lot more.

Is there a follow up to Commando behind enemy lines?

It is a follow up to Commandos Behind Enemy Lines and the second inclusion in the Commando series and is the only tactic based game in the entire series, which has been designed not just for Microsoft but for PlayStation 2 and Xbox as well.

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