How much does a commercial hand dryer cost?

How much does a commercial hand dryer cost?

However, on average, a quality hand dryer will cost between $150 and $600.

How much do Xlerator hand dryers cost?

Online pricing starts at just $400 and ranges up to $700. It costs just . 50 cents per 1,000 dries to operate an XLERATOR hand dryer. Paper towel costs about $23 per 1,000 uses.

How much does a hand air dryer cost?

Initially, a hand dryer is more expensive, but it will be cheaper in the long run. The initial price is around $450-$500 and the cost of operation depends on the efficiency of a hand dryer in addition to the cost per kilowatt-hour of electricity in your area.

What height should hand dryers be?

The recommended height for hand dryers in disabled toilets is between 875mm for hands-in dryers and 940mm for hands-under dryers, this is essential to comply with the British Standard DDA (Disability Discrimination Act).

Do Electric hand dryers save money?

XLERATOR® Hand Dryers can help facility managers save thousands of dollars annually by eliminating the need for paper towel dispensers and their maintenance. Compared with paper towels, XLERATOR Hand Dryers offer a 95% cost savings on average.

What is the best hand dryer?

The best hand dryers to buy in 2021 are :

  • Dryflow® Vapordri HEPA Hand Dryer.
  • Dryflow® Elite MK 2 Hand Dryer.
  • Dryflow® Classic PLUS II Hand Dryer.
  • Dryflow® EcoSlim HEPA Hand Dryer.
  • Dryflow® Turboforce® Junior PLUS Hand Dryer.
  • Dryflow® G-Force MKII Hand Dryer.
  • Dryflow® Viper HEPA Hand Dryer.
  • Dyson Airblade AB14 DB Hand Dryer.

Are hand dryers sanitary?

Study Finds Air Hand Dryers Can Spread More Germs Than Paper Towels. A new study indicates that using air hand dryers to dry your hands may spread germs more than paper towels. Previous studies have also found that air hand dryers can blow bacteria from bathroom air back onto your hands.

Do hand dryers spread germs?

Are hand dryers cheaper than paper towels?

There is no question that hand dryers are much less expensive to operate than paper towels. A hand dryer costs between . 02 cents and . 18 cents in electricity per dry vs a paper towel that typically costs about 1 cent per sheet.

Do hand dryers need GFCI protection?

GFCI protection is required for all 15A and 20A, 125V receptacles installed in the “other than dwelling unit” locations listed in 210.8(B). This includes the bathroom receptacles mentioned in 210.8(B)(1), but does not include any hard-wired equipment, such as hand dryers.

Do hand dryers need a dedicated circuit?

INSTALLATION Hand dryers require a dedicated 15 AMP circuit, and must be properly grounded. DRYER PLACEMENT Hand dryers should be placed at least 2 feet apart, near but not over the washbasin. In congested areas dryers should be placed to create a traffic flow from wash basin to dryer to exit.

Are Electric hand dryers cheaper than paper towels?

Which is the best hand dryer on the market?

Jetwell’s commercial hand dryer comes in a 2-pack, equipped with infrared ray induction system, runs at 1400 watts, dries hands in about 8 to 10 seconds, HEPA filter system, and saves energy at 80%. Jetwell’s commercial hand dryer comes in a 2-pack, equipped with infrared ray induction system, runs at 1400 watts, dries hands in abo…

Can a hand dryer be operated by a button?

Commercial hand dryers can be operated using a button, although most are automatic with an infrared sensor. Automatic hand dryers are popular because they are more hygienic. There are many types of industrial dryer, including high speed, low energy, low noise,…

What kind of hand dryer does Lowes use?

The Alpine Industries Willow Commercial Stainless Steel Brushed 220-Volt High Speed Automatic Electric Hand Dryer is a high speed automatic hand dryer with a unique design offering a blue light for hand drying efficiency, HEPA filter to clean bacteria from intake air and is even equipped with a heat and speed control.

What kind of warranty does Aike hand dryer have?

The AIKE hand dryer has built-in overheat protection, runs at 1400 watts, is corrosion-proof, dries within 10 to 15 seconds, and comes with a 2-year warranty with free replacement parts for the duration of the warranty.

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