How much does real estate school cost in Florida?

How much does real estate school cost in Florida?

Tallying up the cost of getting your Florida real estate license

Apply to take the exam $83.75
Take your Florida real estate license course $135+
Take your exam $36.75

How long does it take to get a real estate license in Miami?

On average, the time it takes to get a Florida real estste license is anywhere between 2-5 months. Some students are able to complete the required 63-Hour Pre-License course in just a few weeks while other students may take several months depending on the time they have to spend within their course.

What is the best Florida real estate exam prep course?

The 3 Best Florida Real Estate Exam Prep Courses

Company Pricing Info
Bob Hogue School of Real Estate $19.26 – $395.00
Gold Coast Schools $59.95 – $599.00
Career Webschool $199.00 – $399.00

Is Flcaa accredited?

Prolicense Florida is an Education Provider Approved by the Department of Business & Professional Regulation and by the Florida Real Estate Commission.

How much is the Florida real estate state exam?

How much does it cost to get a Florida real estate license? The licensing fee for a Florida Real Estate Sales Associate is $83.75. The fee to take the exam is $36.75.

How many times can you fail real estate exam in Florida?

The state exam is a 100 question multiple choice test with a passing score of 75%. If you fail the exam, you may retake it as many times as necessary, at a cost of $36.75 each time, as soon as you can make a new appointment.

Is there a Gold Coast School for real estate?

Whether you are making the decision to start a new career by obtaining your real estate license, or are looking to renew your current license with post-license, continuing education, or career development courses, Gold Coast Schools offers the courses needed to do so.

Which is the best real estate school in Florida?

Gold Coast Schools is Florida’s best real estate school offering real estate courses in both English and Spanish. We will help you get or renew a Florida real estate license with classroom or online classes. Offering pre-license, post-license, continuing education, and industry training seminars.

Is the Gold Coast School in Miami good?

The staff in the N. Miami office were also nothing but helpful and kind. I appreciate them all and highly recommend Gold Coast. On to the state exam!! Gold Coast Real Estate class was excellent. COVID protocols in place and enforced. Gold Coast Schools lived up to it’s reputation.

How to get a Florida real estate license online?

This online prep course is designed to fully prepare you to pass the required law portion of the Florida real estate exam and obtain your Florida real estate license through mutual recognition.

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