How much is a 1994 Mercedes worth?

How much is a 1994 Mercedes worth?

1994 Mercedes-Benz E-Class Value – $247-$3,501 | Edmunds.

Is Mercedes C180 a turbo?

The new 154bhp 1.6-litre four-cylinder turbo makes the new C180 the least powerful C-Class Coupe, as well as the cheapest, but don’t be put off yet. Give it a workout and the new engine and seven-speed auto impress.

What is the fuel consumption of Mercedes-Benz C180?

Fuel Consumption Summary

Fuel Consumption
Extra Urban: 5.0 litre/100km (20.0km/litre)
Urban: 7.4 litre/100km (13.5km/litre)
Combined: 5.5 litre/100km (18.2km/litre)

Is a W202 a classic?

Mercedes-Benz launched the w202 C-Class in 1993 to replace the ten-year old w201 190, the original Baby Benz. Mercedes ended production of the w202 in 2000 so late examples are still years away from achieving classic status but some of the earlier models have already celebrated their 20th birthday.

Is C180 supercharged?

C 180 Kompressor (A) 2007 Thanks to the TWINPULSE system, the new 1.8 litre supercharged engine of the C180 Kompressor delivers an even more enjoyable drive and impressively low consumption levels.

What engine size is a Mercedes C180?


Description: N.A contribute
Engine Capacity: 1595cc Turbocharged
Engine Layout: Straight

What engine size is a Mercedes c180?

What was the Mercedes Benz C class in 1994?

Unfortunately, it stayed around for nine more years-the 190, not the leisure suit. But all is forgiven now that the C-Class sedan has graced the 1994 model year. The C-Class is offered in two versions-the C280 and the C220.

What was the Mercedes Benz W202 in 1994?

All Mercedes-Benz C-Class Sedan W202 phase-I versions offered for the year 1994 with complete specs, performance and technical data in the catalogue of cars About the author Pawel Zal

What kind of engine does a Mercedes C-180 have?

Power for the C-180 entry level model came courtesy of a 1.8-litre double overhead camshaft, four valve, fuel injected four-cylinder engine that put out 90 kW at 5500 revs and 170 Nm at 4200 revs.

Are there any problems with a Mercedes C-180 Esprit?

Like the Elegance, the C-180 Esprit was replaced by the C200 model. Mechanics report few problems with the C-180. It’s generally regarded as robust and reliable. The only problem of note mentioned is the heater fan on cars after 1996. Because it’s run all the time it can burn out, and replacements are around $800.

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