How old is Elif from the TV series Elif?

How old is Elif from the TV series Elif?

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Elif is a Turkish TV series that aired weekly on Kanal 7. It tells the story of a 6-year-old girl separated from her mother. Elif, a pretty and kind 6-year-old girl, is in danger of being sold to pay the gambling debts of her stepfather, Veysel Şimşek.

How old was Elif Shafak when he died?

Elif Shafak Native name Elif Şafak Born ( 1971-10-25) 25 October 1971 (age 49) S Occupation Novelist, essayist, academic, public spe Language English, Turkish

What happens to Kenan and Elif in Elif?

However, as crimes committed by Necdet and Arzu are exposed, Melek and Kenan reunite. Melek tries to ensure that Kenan and Elif will not be separated again. Meanwhile, Kenan’s brother Selim and Zeynep fall in love and support each other despite many obstacles. Their happiness nearly comes to an end when Arzu shoots a gun, injuring Zeynep.

Who is Melek’s sister in the TV series Elif?

Someone from Tarik’s supporters tries to kill both Melek and Elif but they survive. Macide’s sister, Kiymet comes after 30 years to revenge her. In the past, her husband abandoned her pregnant and married Macide. Together with her son Mahir, they make evil plans against the Haktanir family.

What happens to Arzu in the TV series Elif?

Arzu is released from treatment at the mental hospital and seeks revenge against the Emiroğlu family. Selim shoots her and is sent to jail. Arzu survives the nearly fatal incident, and continues to threaten the safety and well-being of the family. Together with her new husband, Umit they take over their mansion.

Who is Kenan Karapınar married to in Elif?

Kenan is unaware that Elif is his child from a past love his family forced him to leave. He is now married to Arzu Karapınar. They have a daughter, Tuğçe Emiroğlu, who is a very spoiled girl known for her bad temper. Elif is forced to live at the luxurious estate, away from her beloved mother, and unaware of her proximity to her biological father.

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