How the behavior of rural consumer is different from urban consumer?

How the behavior of rural consumer is different from urban consumer?

Rural customers are more brand loyal than urban customers. However, as the literacy level is low they recognize the brand more through colour, symbol and logo. 6. Another important difference is that the rural customer’s life is highly routinised and laid back.

What is rural consumer Behaviour?

Rural Consumer Behaviour  Study about the behaviour shown by rural consumer about acquisition, consumption and disposition of various products.  Consumers of rural markets are spread throughout the country side with low income levels, lack of education where income comes in seasonal basis during harvesting time.

What is the difference between rural and urban market?

The Urban settlement includes cities and towns. On the other hand, the rural settlement includes villages and hamlets. There is greater isolation from nature in urban areas, due to the existence of the built environment. Conversely, rural areas are in direct contact with nature, as natural elements influence them.

What is the difference between consumer Behaviour and customer behaviour?

Key Differences Between Customer and Consumer The person who buys the goods or services from a seller is known as the Customer. The person who uses the goods or services is known as a Consumer. The customer is also known as buyer or client whereas the Consumer is the ultimate user of the goods.

What are the characteristics of rural consumer?

The Rural Consumer: Meaning and Characteristics

  • Rural consumers go to their nearest cities when they have to buy products like tractors, televisions, motorcycles, etc.
  • Some family member, more likely the eldest male member, may be going to this local market even daily and buying requirements of the family.

What are the main factors influencing rural consumer behavior?

Occupation. Occupational pattern of rural people also has an impact on the nature of income generation, which will in turn affect the expenditure pattern. Purchase behavior of the rural consumers depends upon the nature of occupation and the consistency in the generation of income.

What are the similarities of rural and urban?

1)Both the Rural and Urban Societies have an education system. 2)Both the Rural and Urban Societies have jobless and poor people. 3)Both the Rural and Urban Societies have cheaters. 4)Both the Rural and Urban Societies have rich people.

What defines urban vs rural?

The Census Bureau’s urban areas represent densely developed territory, and encompass residential, commercial, and other non-residential urban land uses. “Rural” encompasses all population, housing, and territory not included within an urban area.

Why is consumer behavior important in day to day life?

Study of consumer buying behavior is most important for marketers as they can understand the expectation of the consumers. It helps to understand what makes a consumer to buy a product. It is important to assess the kind of products liked by consumers so that they can release it to the market.

How do you define consumer Behaviour?

Consumer behavior is the study of consumers and the processes they use to choose, use (consume), and dispose of products and services, including consumers’ emotional, mental, and behavioral responses. Consumer behavior incorporates ideas from several sciences including psychology, biology, chemistry, and economics.

How are rural consumers different from urban consumers?

Across the world the rural consumer buying behaviour is considerably different from the urban consumer. Rural consumers vary not only in their behaviour and practices but also in their conviction and beliefs. Their thought process is simpler as compare to the urban masses.

How are rural buying patterns different from urban buying patterns?

Consequently, the buying patterns vary with urban buying patterns. 8. Traditional values, customs and perceptions have a stronger hold on the rural customers than urban customers.

What’s the difference between rural and urban in India?

Companies, depending on the products they sell, have classified places ranging from below 20,000 to 50,000 population as rural. There is yet another classification of India, as Urban, Rural and Rurban (Jha, 2003) in a continuum from urban and rural.

Why is it important to understand consumer behaviour in India?

They have realized the importance of understanding the rural consumers and their behaviour. The economic growth experienced in India may have reduced the absolute number of poor (depending on which report one refers to) and lifted millions out of poverty, however, income disparities and regional imbalances persist.

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