Is a CR 125 A good bike?

Is a CR 125 A good bike?

This bike is great for the motocross track or trail/woods. But the cr125 is light and it’s never overheated on me; not even on super slow single track motocross track. Mine smokes most of the 250f’s but some still have me. It’s a great bike over all love it and would never get a 250f over it.

How many HP is a CR125?

31.00 HP
The Honda CR 125 R has 31.00 HP (22.6 kW) @ 11000 RPM.

What does CR mean in dirt bikes?

CR stands for Competition Race. CRF450r= Competition racer four stroke (engine size) race.

What year was the fastest CR125?

ON THE RECORD: COMPLETE TEST OF THE 2001 HONDA CR125 | Motocross Action Magazine.

When did the Honda VTX1300R Retro come out?

2005 saw the VTX1300 family grow to three models with the introduction of VTX1300R Retro, which combined traditional cruiser styling with cast-alloy wheels (and tubeless tires) in place of the wire wheels used on the otherwise identical VTX1300S. The R-model also did well on the showroom floor, with first-year sales over 8000 units.

How many horsepower does a Honda VTX 1800 have?

Honda claimed that the 1800 put out 159 N⋅m (117 lbf⋅ft) of torque at only 3000 rpm and 75 kW (101 hp) at 5000 rpm, making the VTX1800 one of the most powerful production V-twin motorcycles of its time. (See infobox for measured horsepower and torque values.)

What kind of crankshaft does a Honda VTX have?

The 52-degree V-twin included an offset-dual-pin crankshaft, a design first used on the 1983 Honda Shadow to produce perfect primary balance, as well as two primary-shaft-mounted counterbalancer weights to reduce the inevitable rocking couple vibration in a large V-twin engine.

What kind of exhaust system does a Honda VTX have?

Honda of Japan announced the immediate importation of the American-manufactured VTX1800 cruiser model for their domestic market. Compared to the Retro models (and the others that would follow) the VTX1800 type C was identifiable by its two-into-one exhaust system, and its speedometer mounted within the handlebar risers.

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